Thursday, February 16, 2006

Parliamentary Quotes of the Day

David Cameron will now be discovering that looking after a newbaby is even more difficult than leading the Conservative party.
shadow minister for women, Eleanor Laing, on the birth of Mr Cameron's baby boy this week.

People on fixed incomes in particular, particularly pensioners, will get pushed back into poverty - Trade and IndustrySecretary Alan Johnson on rising fuel prices.

I congratulate you for keeping the home fires burning while in Italy, by contrast, power cuts are leading to central heating being switched off, Italians having to snuggle under their blankets to stay warm in bed together. Which may explain why the Italian Prime Minister has given up sex for the general election.
Labour former minister Denis MacShane (Rotherham) to Mr Johnson.

Mass means testing is going up and up... because of the endless fiddling of Complexity Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer himself.
Shadow Minister for Welfare Reform David Ruffley on benefits means testing.

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14 Feb 2006:

Stephen Pound:......Those are both perfectly legitimate intellectual arguments: everything bad is banned; everything bad is allowed. Or, we can opt for—dare I say it?—co-existence and compromise. Instead of concentrating on what divides us, let us concentrate on what unites us. Would it not be possible"

Frank Dobson (Holborn and St. Pancras) (Lab): To become a Cameronian?

Stephen Pound: I am more of a Cameroonian—a fan of Samuel Eto'o.