Sunday, February 26, 2006

PodCasts from the Dear Leader?

Imagine yourself sitting on your commuter train and the bloke beside you has got his iPod turned up just that little bit too loud. You’d like to say something, but frankly he looks a bit of a nutter. Chances are that in future he might be listening to a PodCast he has downloaded from an MP’s website. No, seriously. Three MPs are trialling some technology which will enable them to put Podcasts on their websites. So if you fancy learning more about antics of New Tory Ed Vaizey, LibDem Jo Swinson or Labour’s Shahid Malik you won’t have long to wait. It’s all the brainchild of Smooth FM DJ David Prever, who’s set up a Podcasting consultancy, Politics On Demand, with ex LBC Managing Director Mike Flanagan and Ad man Pat Murphy. Can it be very long before we have weekly Podcasts from our Dear Leader? I can hardly wait…

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