Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tories Must Avoid Division

The Guardian is just reporting that Tory donor Stuart Wheeler has just been on 5 Live denouncing David Cameron. I didn't hear the interview myself so I will restrict myself to saying this in as kindly a manner as possible. Shouldn't political donors be seen and not heard? If they are donating money for philanthropic reasons - which the overwhelming majority are - then they normally neither expect or want anything in return. But occasionally there are those that donate money and expect the Party to then follow their policy agenda. And if the Party doesn't do so, there is a very willing media who are happy to report signs of division and disagreement. Just look at the reporting of Robin Harris's article in Prospect Magazine. If we Tories haven't learn by now that signs of division are anathema to the electorate and will be leapt upon by our opponents, then where have we been for the last decade?


Mike D said...

"Denouncing" is surely a little strong. His comments seem emminently gentle to me.

But you're quite right in general terms- donors are not going to get their views accepted by publically criticising DC's positions. Much better for them to shut up and put their money behind campaigning groups outside the party structure.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Iain. Wheeler is an attention-seeking bore. If he doesn't like the new regime , he should stuff his fivers up his arse. There are plenty of other potential donors out there.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone really interested in Stuart Wheelers opinions?If he doesn't like the way the party is going he can stop donating and that should be the end of it.

neil craig said...

A donor wouldn't be human if he didn't wish whicherver party he supports to agree with everything he said - just like the rest of us.

However he is a fool if he thinks the public is going to have any sympathy with a multimillionaire donor when Cameron doesn't jump through his hoops. He would be much more influential keeping quiet.