Monday, February 20, 2006

The ID Cards Bill - What You Can Do To Help Defeat It.

Andrew Watson of No2ID has asked me to publicise the final stage of their lobbying campaign on the Identity cards Bill. He's trying to get as many people as possible to write to Members of the House of Lords before it considers the Bill again on Monday 6 March. Click HERE and then HERE to find out more.


MatGB said...

Have repeated your post here, having a fairly busy week in terms of readers, ought to use them to advantage.

wonkotsane said...

But thanks to the Liberal government of the early 1900's, the commons can use the Parliament Act to force the bill through if the Lords tinker with it 3 times.

This Labour government has used the Parliament Act more times since it was elected than it has been used before cummulatively and they'll have no qualms doing it again for the ID Cards Bill.

I will make my stand when they come in whatever happens. I will refuse to carry a card as it is a breach of my right to privacy.