Monday, February 27, 2006

A Reminder of Why I Despise New Labour

I'm watching Newsnight. Neal Lawson has just reminded me why I despise New Labour. What he says is an exemplification of why people hate politicians. A typical New Labour apparatchik. Pass the sick bucket.

UPDATE: Here's one that takes the biscuit. Quote from Neal Lawson: "I came into politics to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor" Er, is this the same Neal Lawson who made an absolute mint from starting up a lobbying company in 1997 called Lawson Lucas Mendelsohn. I wonder how much of the profits from LLM went redistributing money to the poor. I'd love to know. For according to Red Star Research Neal Lawson has boasted of helping GTech, the discredited Lottery company, to win their Lottery contract. Presumably to use the Lottery as a stealth tax on the poor.


Chris Palmer said...

You had to wait until after the program started to reach for the bucket? I already had mine to hand!

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike. The man was an absolute throw back.