Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jeffrey Archer's Week

There's a very good 'My Week' style article in The Observer today by Jeffrey Archer. Click HERE to read it. I rather like Jeffrey Archer and thought all the fuss about him rejoining the Conservative Party last year was full of sanctimonious hyprocrisy. His three volumes of Prison Diaries were brilliant, and while I didn't think they should have been published while he was in prison, they gave a superb insight into prison life. Put aside your prejudices and read them.


Bill said...

I'm sure he's a pleasant fellow in person, but I'm afraid any risk of him achieving influence in the Conservative Party ever again would result in me writing the Party off forever. I saw his interview with Andrew Marr today and must admit he spoke reasonably openly about his recent experiences - although the fact that a pre-condition for the interview was that the earlier trial not to be alluded to tells me all I need to know how much I would ever trust this man. Good conversationalist, impossible to do business with, very readable author. If he sticks to the one thing he is good at, that will be fine.

Iain Dale said...

Bill, Of course he won't have any influence in the Tory Party again. But the fuss about him rejoining the Party was ridiculous. As was the question of him regaining the whip in the Lords. It was never going to happen and he hadn't even asked. But I agree with most of your comments.

Anonymous said...

The fact remains that a convicted perjurer sits in the highest legislative executive in the land, which makes a mockery of the legal system. He claims it is "very unlikely" he will actually return to the Upper House. But do you really think you can believe him?

People like Archer are the reason so many young people are put off voting. Lies, sleaze, acting as though they are above the law, a few years in the shadows and then sensible people like you start saying he's OK really. Nice old boy.

Iain, I'm sorry, but he is a shining example of all that was wrong with latter stages of the Tory Government, and you (you the person and you the party) should do all you can to distance yourself him.

Anonymous said...

So, there is no paying your debt to society and starting fresh is there? What utter hypocrisy! Rapists and felons get less stick. While I am no particular fan of his or of the fragrant wife I can't help but think this is all about plain old fashioned envy. Of course it would be unseemly for him to sit in the Lords but I think he is far too clever to push it.

neil craig said...

He lied about a private matter. We can't know but I suspect that the jury didn't necesarily believe him but believed he was a better man than the editor of the Star.

Mark Thatcher tried to invade a country. Blair succeeded, by making untruthful statements to Parliament. Ashdown made an untruthful statement in the Yugoslav War Crimes Court (he claimed to have watched villages being cleansed while standing on the border & it was subsequently proven that there were mountains in the way).

There are worse people than Archer to worry us.

Anonymous said...

Hang on Neil. The way you spin it, Archer told a white lie on the spur of the moment to save his family. He didn't - nobody ever has to sue. He defrauded a newspaper's shareholders - ordinary people and pension funds - out of well over half a million quid. Aitken attempted to do the same.

Lady Finchley - yes he has served his time and I am more than happy to let him get out and crawl back under whichever rock he came from under. But I don't want him to have a role in making legislation - he can **** off.