Saturday, February 25, 2006

Links Policy on This Blog

I've added quite a few links to the directory in the left hand column in the last few days, so do check them out. If you have a blog then let me know and I will happily add a link - it doesn't have to be a Tory blog. You'll see a rnage of LibDem and Labour bloggers listed. The deal is that you add a link here too. With the number of hits I'm getting at the moment, you won't regret it! So if you want me to add your link, just send an email to iain AT iaindale DOT com.

Just for information, these are the sites I get most traffic from...

1. Guido
3. Conservative Home
4. Paul Linford
5. RightLinks
6. Stephen Pollard
7. Quaeqaum/Liberati
8. Campaign for an English Parliament
9. Liberal England
10. Kevin Davis

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