Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Daily Telegraph - Ideal for Pheasant Pluckers Everywhere

I was just flicking through The Spectator while...well, let's not go there... and came across a wonderful little anecdote about the size of newspapers. Martin Vander Weyer was talking to a woman over lunch about the success of the Observer now that it has gone to its new Berliner size. Apparently its circulation is up by 25%. "Oh dear," said the woman, "I simply couldn't bear it if the Telegraph went tabloid." Some of thought it did that content-wise years ago, but that's by the by. When she heard that Vander Weyer wrote for the Telegraph she said to him"Now you go and tell them from me, I shall be most put out if they change the size. It's perfect for plucking pheasants on!"


Anonymous said...

I see you've just de-barred yourself, Iain, from writing for the Telegraph for the foreseeable future!

Iain Dale said...

Not sure why you come to that conclusion! The article appeared in The Spectator, which is owned by the Telegraph!

Anonymous said...

Iain,this was merely a light-hearted comment regarding your reference to the Torygraph having become tabloid,contents-wise,several years ago.
Love your blog and your contributions to