Sunday, January 24, 2010

Modesty Forbids (Almost...)

As you know, I'm a modest sort of guy. Totally unused to blowing my own trumpet. Can't stand these bloggers who think they're God's gift etc etc... BUT... when your Mum phones you and tells you how proud of you she is after reading about you in the Mail on Sunday... well, I'm sure my readers can forgive me quoting this piece from Dylan Jones in the Mail on Sunday magazine today...

There are many reasons to celebrate Iain Dale. The author, journalist and aspirant politician for the Conservative Party is not only a much-valued contributor to GQ, he’s also the publisher of Total Politics magazine and has become something of an online deity because of his celebrated blog, Iain Dale’s Diary.

Always trenchant, rarely out of step, Dale is one of those political commentators who relies more than most on common sense. Take this, from November last year: ‘I couldn’t care less where our Prime Minister or Leader of the Opposition went to school, and frankly I care even less where political journalists got their education – assuming most of them actually had any.

‘Yet lobby hacks seem obsessed with the fact that David Cameron went to Eton, along with 5.5 per cent of Tory MPs. It’s a convenient way for some of them to dub Cameron as a Tory Toff. They produce charts showing that 13 of Cameron’s front-bench team attended Britain’s leading public school too, as if they had somehow committed a crime.’

He then goes on to talk about class, education and politics. Anyway, forgive me for quoting this, but it makes a nice change from the bollocks that people usually write about me.


Unknown said...

"As you know, I'm a modest sort of guy. Totally unused to blowing my own trumpet."

That would have gone better had the title to your last blogpost not been "I am a great man"


FireForce said...

Yeah My mum too shouting from the roof tops, as I have been invited to Lord b----------, this thursday night and she not, I bet he wants to borrow money again?
Parents! Where woud we be without them?
Iain you are okay, but there is a sayng that "he has a face only a mother would love"!
Well, I have face that no mother, not even a warthog, could love?
Still no matter how ugly the conservatives still want your money!

jailhouselawyer said...

Yuk! :-)

Plato said...

What happened to the 3rd installment of Mr Watt's book?

Cate Munro said...


CalumCarr said...

Truth lies on both sides and not only on the side you like to hear.

Dale and modesty are incompatible bed friends.

Roddy said...

Hi Iain,

I think the article you refer to might just make it into the OBN (Order of the Brown Nose) column in the next issue of Private Eye.

However, enjoy the moment

Johnny Norfolk said...

Quite right Iain, at least your Mum loves you. Your piece quoted was spot on by the way. Lets have more please about this kind of thing. You are at your best when you are in attack mode. We like you Thatcher like not Heath like.