Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Celleno blogs about the Gilderdale case.
2. ConHome asks if Operation Black Vote has a problem updating its website. Well, Lester? UPDATE: The reply is HERE.
3. UK Polling Report turns Voodoo Corner.
4. Tory Bear reports an "embarrassing" Twitter climbdown.
5. Stephen Glenn finds his role as the nearly man of political blogging has finished.
6. Party Lines interview political academic Tim Bale from the University of Sussex about his new book on the Conservative Party's recent history.
7. Tory Radio thinks Twetminster need to explain themselves and their methodology.
8. Norfolk Blogger is fed up with government adverts.
9. Paul Waugh thinks Mandy is first class... and he has 20 questions for Tony Blair.
10. Spectator Coffee House on Baroness Ashton's dreadful start.
11. Peter Kenyon on the slow progress of Labour candidate selections.
12. Iain Martin on the 5 questions Blair must ask.

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