Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Declan Lyons on UKIP and the Burka.
2. Guido sticks it to the Fabians.
3. LibDem Voice on the law firm that is seeking to intimidate John Hemming MP.
4. Douglas Carswell on the left in denial.
5. Anna Raccoon on the left wing blogosphere.
6. Mark Pack says more is not always better in terms of Twitter followers.
7. O'Connall Street on the Sinn Fein way of burying bad news.
8. Yapping Yousuf on Bob Crow's new political party.
9. Glyn Davies wants to go head to head with Lembit.
10. Liberal Burblings has a go at poor old Lembit too.
11. James Forsyth wonders if Mandy has won after all.
12. The Conservative Blog on the difference between loyalty and sycophancy.


Anonymous said...

UKIP + Burka = lying disingenuous opportunistic racist b------s

viator said...

Guido's is the killer.
(much puerile crap in the comments section, but Newmania's entry at no. 115 is good and accurate)

Labour's soft underbelly is the history of its elites:
1. their unhappy entanglement with the Fabian Society gives Labour the most racialist roots of any major party in the modern Western world
2. every Labour government in history has left office with unemployment higher than when it came to power.