Tuesday, January 26, 2010

GMTV: The End of Recession?

Guido Morning TV takes a sideways look at Britain emerging from the depths of recession.


Anonymous said...

Iain this video is fine until the personal insults directed at Brown at the end. If a left-wing website had called Cameron a posh **** and wanted to stick **** up his **** then I doubt you'd find this amusing.

When people personally atatck Brown they always seem to say 'Scottish' at some point

Any Colour but Brown said...

Anonymous @11:50

Left-Wing websites direct personal insult at Cameron all the time as do the left wing trolls that infest non-left-wing blogs.

just take a peek at mydavidcameron.com - it was set up to do nothing but insult David Cameron. Take a walk over to anything that Kerry McCarthy posts on, you'll find nothing but insults. Ellie "bevanite" Gellard doesn't exactly heap praise on the Tories, either.

Nick said...

Britain did leave recession in 2009, the figures just released were for output in the last quarter of 2009.

This video = FAIL. Alastair Darling's predictions in Nov 08 ('start' to recover in the second half of 2009) and April 09 (exit recession by end of year) were correct.

Not that it matters.