Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. London Spin Online on why he's creative, and Conservative.
2. Tory Radio on who the real Twitter influencers are.
3. Charles Crawford calls Craig Murray a 'drama queen'. Ooh, er.
4. Jeff Peel on Stormont and the master fryers.
5. Glen O'Glaza on trouble for Jack Straw and Lord Goldsmith.
6. Left Foot Forward seems intent on replicating Labour's 1983 manifesto.
7. Nadine Dorries on why an election won't be held in June.
8. And Ben Brogan on why it could be held in April.
9. And Dizzy trumps him by suggesting it could be March, or even February.
9. Big Brother Guido is watching you!
10. The Staggers question how strong Labour's left wing will be after the election.
11. Tom Harris on the post democratic era.
12. Mark Pack names rthe four journalist who have broke parliamentary rules on declarations.

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Kit Friend said...

Link down for Londonspin. Should be: http://www.londonspinonline.com/2010/01/soapbox-why-im-conservative-and.html