Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Jeff Peel wonders if the UUP/Conservative relationship is at breaking point.
2. Adam Boulton found Geoff Hoon's evidence straangely impressive.
3. Alex Massie pays tribute to Bill McLaren.
4. Tory Radio doesn't really care who owns Cadbury and those who do shouldn't buy any US goods.
5. George Eaton thinks Jon Cruddas may stand for London Mayor.
6. Lord Soley interviews Nick Robinson.
7. Hopi Sen on the rise of the 'Bolicy'.
8. The Steamie on some general election games.
9. John Rentoul's obituary of Peter Mandelson.
10. Tom Harris goes into Airplane mode. Stop calling him Shirley.
11. Party Lines talks to Nigel Farage about headgear.
12. Independence Home says UKIP has announced its campaign director for the general election, James Pryor. Er, who?


Anonymous said...

The Telegraph reports - 'David Blanchflower has called for the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) he formerly sat on to be "disbanded". In a column in the New Statesman, he claimed that it failed to see the recession coming and made it worse by acting too late.

"The MPC's days are numbered, certainly in terms of its remit and probably its membership," he said. "After the election we are going to have to reconsider who sets monetary policy." '

He may or may not be right.
But who created the MPC (when he stripped the BoE of bank regulatory powers and conspicuously did not give it independence to set interest rates)? Yes him ....

Tapestry said...

Re N.I., on the contrary, Owen Paterson seems to be talking to the DUP and the UUP to arrange a grand unionist conservative alliance.

See comments from link -

What do you make of the news that Owen Paterson spoke with representatives of the UUP AND DUP at the weekend re a grand unionist post-election pact?.

Owen Paterson is always proving himself effective in crisis. Yet the in-crowd and left-leaning media never rate him as he's not able to pay court to their idiotic mantras, which Cameron seems prepared to do.

I suspect there are many similarly highly competent potential shadow ministers and ministers lodged in the Cornerstone, but they are not thought cool enough types in this false value, Blair-created media nightmare we now live in, where until everything's going wrong, they don't believe they are succeeding.

Once good people are suffering and dying, and criminals are content with the world, then the Left feels good with itself.

But there are still people like Paterson in the Conservatives who know where right and wrong lie.

javelin said...

Congratulations to Brown on winning the election and proving that even the safest seat in the country can be lost with a good strategy ... Scott Brown that is.

ukipwebmaster said...

Here's one for your next Daley Dozen: