Friday, January 15, 2010

Cheap Cherie

Paul Waugh has an amusing tale about the members of the Hurlingham Club up in arms about Cherie Blair addressing a dinner there. I was more interested in the fact that she only charges £1,500 to make a speech. I've been known to get more than that, for goodness sake! I've also been known to get less, I have to admit.

Did I mention Specialist Speakers, should you wish to book? Me, that is, not Cherie... :)


Conand said...

Cherie is very much on the same circuit as the Elvis Impersonators, Strippers and Rubber Chickens.

An evening with Margaret Thatcher and Iain Dale is much better, believe me. Go on Hurlingham, you know you want to.

Noelinho said...

Iain, I'm pretty sure the website is

Let me know if you have a vacancy in the PR department ;-)

Unknown said...

add www.


paulstpancras said...

Let her eat croissant à la Cherie Antoinette.

Anonymous said...

she must really be on her uppers

Paddy Briggs said...

Bloody hell Iain - you get £1500 (sometimes) for a speech! Nice work if you can get it... Good luck to you.

Ed said...

Iain, have you considered doing a twosome speaking engagement with Mrs Blair?

I'll gladly pay twice my going rate to attend such an event that holds the real possibility of people rolling in the aisles with laughter. You, for your normal droll self, and Mrs Blair for taking herself so seriously.

Anonymous said...


What a shame you didn't get in touch.

You could have used this nice picture of Cherie to illustrate your post.