Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Andrew Neil on how bloggers have led the climate change agenda.
2. Iain Martin blogs in defence of SPADs.
3. FT Westminster Blog on why Geoff Hoon won't be deselected.
4. Tory Bear holds Tweetminster to account.
5. Gaby Hinsliff on signs you're spending too much time with the children.
6. Peter Kenyon reports on a mystifying pep talk to Labour's NEC by Peter Mandelson.
7. Spectator Coffee House thinks William Hague didn't need to try too hard at PMQs.
8. Rene Lavanchy on how Jack Dromey has lost his parachute.
9. Chris Whiteside says if you're thinking of voting Labour, read THIS.
10. Wales Online examines Tory prospects in Wales.
11. Malc in the Burgh asks: what if Labour win?
12. Broadcasters should be allowed to be biassed, says Hopi Sen.


Dick the Prick said...

The comments on the speccie blog are amusing. Thought it was a decent article.

Alberto Nardelli said...

And Tweetminster's reply to Tory Bear:

javelin said...

Ed Milliband is unfit for high office as he digested the 2007 IPCC climate report, promised billions without checking the basic facts.

Ed Milliband should resign immediately.

scott redding said...

That's right. There's no climate change. There's only a "climate change agenda" ... sigh.

The Guardian, 18 Jan:

"The likely fate of Himalayan glaciers is hugely important because they are the source for many major rivers in Asia. Yet the World Glacier Monitoring Service pointed out in a recent report that the Himalayas are 'strongly underrepresented' among glacier measurements and records."

We should be researching what's happening to the water source for 1.5 billion people, rather than Neill going ha ha, IPCC got it wrong.