Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quote of the Day: West Ham Edition

Britain is becoming the West Ham of the world economy –
spiralling debts, living beyond its means,
and about to get a David to take it over and run it prudently.

From my EDP column this week


golden_balls said...

I just hope West Ham don't get a new finace manager who fleeces the company for £1,936 now that would be embarrassing in this age of austerity.

Richard Manns said...

Better £1,936 fleeced than £300,000,000,000 lost, eh?

Unknown said...

Yes, very drole, and I do see the similarities between the pornographer and the politian, but a crucial difference is that David (the pornographer) is pumping lots of his own money into the struggling organisation whereas David (the politician) is extracting as much as he can away with with his allowances and expenses.