Friday, January 15, 2010

The Daily Dozen: Friday

1. Mark Reckons and Darren Bridgeman report on last night's Cameron Direct in Reading.
2. Allan Lamb on grit.
3. Nothing British examines the BNP's defence policy.
4. Iain Martin on Scottish Tory muppetry.
5. Charles Crawford on how to start a speech.
6. Quaequam on Zac Goldsmith, Peter Watt and the anti-politics age.
7. Paul Waugh on an extraordinary interview with Zac Goldsmith.
8. Party Lines nominates its Top 5 Bizarre Suggestions for Electoral Reform.
9. James Kirkup issues a plea to Parliament Spy.
10. Danny Finklestein on Attlee's mastery of the political interview.
11. The Daily (Maybe) asks: How fragile is Ireland?
12. Alex Massie thinks Brown should adopt a pizza strategy.


Max Atkinson said...

I posted a video of the interview with Attlee referred to by Danny Finkelstein on my blog last April, so anyone interested can see it at

javelin said...

Been reading that Osborne is thinking of Jon Varley (Barclays) as the new governor of the BofE.

I would suggest Stephen Green as a better candidate fir these reasons

1) He's got a better track record through the crunch. HSBC did not lose any thing from their investment bank in the crunch. The only foot HSBC have put wrong in the past ten years us buying Household in the US and Green played no part in that.

2) HSBC are a more conservative bank and that is what the populus want. HSBC are risk adverse and think long term.

3) HSBC are a global bank, more than Barclays. I believe our next real issue will be to deal with inflation, growth and investment at a Global level. HSBC are the worlds most Global bank.

4) Green is also very human. His top down dictates are about work life balance rather than profit.

I would vote for Green over the gung-ho Barclays any day.