Friday, January 15, 2010

BBC Sort of Apologises for One Show Bias

Earlier today I wrote a BLOGPOST about a disgraceful film about David Cameron on yesterday's ONE SHOW. The BBC has just admitted on its complaints site.
We accept that the piece was not as good as it should have been. The One Show production team are aware of their responsibilities to ensure fairness in their output.

Well, it's probably as close to an apology as we're going to get. Well done everyone who made a protest. It clearly made a difference.

All in all, a result.


ScottS said...

For the BBC, that's practically grovelling! Well done.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone expect balance from that half-Croatian moron Chiles.

wv = mistri !!!!

Plato said...

Well it was gobsmackingly tribal Labour - been a long time since I've seen something so biased.

I complained too.

thespecialone said...

I have never watched one minute of this trash until just now. It must have been written by Labour. I am from a council estate background and a bog-standard comprehensive education (I did go to a grammar for 1 year until they were destroyed in the early 70s). I have never been able to afford for my kids to have a private education, have never lived in a £750000 house and will unlikely ever to afford a Jag/Mercedes etc. I cannot stand these champagne socialists who blatantly lie and lie and lie again about their backgrounds. I cannot stand these champagne socialists who do not go to bog-standard comprehensives or send their kids to one.
My parents still vote Tory not because of their backgrounds; but because they are aspiritional (or were in their younger days) and believe in less state. They, like me really wouldnt vote Labour if every single Tory MP was educated at Eton....or Fettes.
I noticed they had that idiot from oooop north who lives in a mansion in London droning on in this party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party.

John said...

Chiles is upset because his bird is going out with Frank Lampard.

Jack Bauer said...

"How can anyone expect balance from that half-Croatian moron Chiles..."

But full-Cretin.

John Sayer said...

They were at it again today - a reference to 'Thatcher the Milk Snatcher' in the first five minutes.

cynicalHighlander said...

Please sign.

Jack Bauer said...

TSO -- I cannot stand these champagne socialists who do not go to bog-standard comprehensives or send their kids to one.

Agreed. If we're being prolier-than-thou, my first Liverpool primary school was outside-bog standard!

I do recall you held it in for as long as possible, in winter, at Green Lane Primary!

Mind you, I did pass the 11-plus and did go to grammar school.

JPT said...

They're biased but are they wrong?

Paul C said...

However, on the show they also said that they had, to paraphrase, quite a few more political pieces like that coming.

They didn't explicitly state that these upcoming pieces would be unbiased... it would appear that they owe the Conservatives 5 minutes for a PPB.

Observer said...

They are not going to broadcast anything to rebut it, so it's a pyrrhic victory.

Tee hee.

ferial ferret said...

"Well, it's probably as close to an apology as we're going to get"

If you are not satisfied with the response from the BBC (which is usually the case) - then say so and take it further.

It was blatant electioneering

Man in a Shed said...

There is only one answer - split the BBC up then privatise each part.

They are institutionally left wing and can never be trusted.

Conand said...

Well thanks BBC.

How can I be sure you WILL do it again?

What religious doctrine does Paparazzi subscribe to?

Bird said...

Does this mean that the BBC will think twice about using the idiotic Kaye Adams again?
Rod Liddle had to resign from his job on the Today programme because he too obviously advertised his anti-Tory views.
Why is Chiles still in his job? We knew his political views when he shopped Carol Thatcher for "incorrect" language in the Green Room.

Unknown said...

Leaving aside the hypocrisy of the presenter, and the gross distortion of facts, how did this blatant piece of propaganda get past the commissioning editor, the scriptwriter, the film crew, the director, the journalist, the film editor and the BBC compliance department?

Systemic bias.


cynical academic said...

Having watched the piece, I wrote a careful complaint. The half-hearted acknowledgement by a sub-contracted complaints adviser will, I fear, mean that "select all" and "delete" will take place without reading the complaints made.

Henry Wood said...

Ian, I tried to click on your link and scroll in as advised but all I got was the Chiles Child. I'm sorry but I cannot stand watching that creature for more than a moment or two so I missed the item you complained about. I believe you though. In the same vein I hope you will take up my complaint about the airbrushed Jew in an interview with Dermot O'Leary in next week's (16/22 Jan) Radio Times. It truly is Beyond The Pale, and I'm no Jew!

golden_balls said...

OFGS has the bbc lost its backbone

a bunch of tories create some paranoid verdict about an item on the one show and the bbc capitulates.

I wouldn't be suprised if after this gutless performance from the bbc we don't get yet more manufactured "bias" complaints from the Tories.

Anonymous said...

I have complained about political bias on the BBC. The response is always something like-
'we are only required to be balanced over our total output, not in a single programme...'

I am still waiting for alol the anti-labour stuff.

Anonymous said...

While the Beeb is embedded with Labour, this will never stop. The number of times you find a connection is remarkable. Only the other day I found out a BBC politics reporter Ben Wright, is the son of leading Labourite MP, Dr Tony Wright. On Guido so time ago a commentator, showed the interaction of people between, Labour and the Beeb, the list went into the hundreds.

Anonymous said...

With Carol Thatcher we had an on-air response (CT banned from the programme) for an off-air incident.
With Kaye Adams, so far, we have an off-air apology for 5 minutes of on screen propoganda.
Where's the balance in that?

Unknown said...

It does mean there is now no chance that the One Show will do a hatchet piece on Labour over the coming weeks (not that they were planning to of course).

Funny how the BBC never gets caught out with an anti-Labour piece and made to "balance things up again"!

They only ever "balance things" up after they got their first strike Tory attack in.

True Belle said...

Why do people worry about that ghastly One-Show?

Push your off button for heavens sake.

Adrian Chiles is an utter prat, he does not LISTEN to a thread of conversation, he always looks anxious, and is now hiding behind a scrubby beard which makes his unintelligent forehead look even more primitive.

The programne is formatted in the same style as one of these expensive glossie mags littering hairdresser salons.

IS it tribal? Nah, just another example of the gormless intrusion into my TV licence money, shall I pay for it or not?

Conand said...



CC Baxter said...

True Belle said...

"Why do people worry about that ghastly One-Show?"

My guess is that it's broadcast by the BBC who profess impartiality and this item was anything but.

LMO said...

Anyone think The One Show will tell us that Gordon Brown is unsuitable to be PM because he signed The Scottish Claim of Right,putting Scotland and the Scottish people first and foremost in all his dealings?

That and the fact he makes law mainly for England and Wales, whilst his constituents reside in Scotland.