Monday, January 18, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Isabel Oakeshott defends Peter Watt.
2. Mark Pack nominates seven seats to watch at the election.
3. Guido tries to understand Da Fink's tax thinking.
4. Tory Radio on Billy Bragg being a berk.
5. Biteback Publishing has Peter Watt writing about his media debut.
6. Cicero's Songs on class war.
7. Alex Massie on why the Tories do better in Wales than in Scotland.
8. Malc in the Burgh on Nigel Farage's Britain.
9. LibDem Voice on a study which shows what PPCs do on Twitter.
10. Creative Tory asks why 'elite' has become a dirty word.
11. Walaa Idris remembers Dr Martin Luther King.
12. Rene Lavanchy on a new threat to Labour's funding.

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