Friday, January 22, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Michael Crick foresees footy problems in scheduling the leaders' TV debates.
2. Norman Tebbit wants an amicable divorce with the EU.
3. Joshua Chambers thinks Nick Clegg is doing well.
4. Tom Harris is asking questions about bonuses for local authority returning officers.
5. Three Thousand Versts thinks th DUP may stand down in favour of the UUP in two seats.
6. Stephen Glenn on how Fife Social Services 'kidnapped' a child.
7. The EDP reveals which Norfolk constituencies will be counting on election night. All 2 of them!
8. Craig Murray accuses Jack Straw of lying to Chilcott.
9. PoliticalBetting thinks Chilcott makes May 6th a certainty.
10. Hopi Sen on a bit of bad projection.
11. Party Lines on defining the core vote.
12. John Rentoul is rubbish. So he says.

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