Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1.Tory Rascal has been given a sneak preview of Labour's 2010 pledge card.
2. Hopi Sen is upset. With Damian McBride.
3. So is Guido. Who says so is everyone. Especially at the BBC.
4. Party Lines examines some of the Power 2010 proposals.
5. Gaby Hinsliff is melting. I've always said so.
6. Tom Harris ignores his own instincts.
7. Red Rag on how Liberal Conspiracy has made an arse of itself.
8. Norman Tebbit on how the left wing BNP could cost Labour seats.
9. Cranmer on Clegg & homosexuality.
10. Taking Liberties had breakfast at the Beeb.
11. Peter Watt writes this week's New Statesman diary.
12. Yapping Yousef on how the SNP is seeking to increase its ability to spin.

And as a bonus, check out THIS POST from Dizzy, who compares and contrasts the Tories' efforts at web engagement with Labour's.

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Rob Marrs said...

Thanks, always interesting!