Friday, January 29, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Malc in the Burgh speculates about who would be Secretary of State for Scotland in a Cameron Cabinet.
2. Everything Christian asks if loyalty is a virtue.
3. Independence Home says UKIP is backing Boris Island.
4. Oxford Spring comes to a surprising conclusion on divorce rates.
5. Melanie Phillips think Tony Blair has been a class act today.
6. Rob Halfon welcomes a LibDem defector in Harlow.
7. Party Lines speaks to Nadine Dorries about her council estate TV experience. And there's a review of the series HERE.
8. Paul Waugh on a vintage performance from Tony Blair.
9. Tim Montgomerie backs John Glen for Salisbury. FWIW so do I.
10. Luke Akehurst on parliamentary selections and the hard left.
11. Shane Greer has evidence of his wife's influence on the new Tory marketing strategy.
12. Danny Finkelstein signs up for the Brandreth for a Peerage campaign.

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