Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Devil's Kitchen wants to destroy the trade unions. Twice.
2. Blue Idea asks if UKIP is the acceptable face of the BNP.
3. Party Lines went to hear Gordon riding two Fabian horses.
4. Peter Kenyon is a Labour supporter who is against state funding of political parties.
5. Tory Politico says the government can't find MPs to be PPSs.
6. Alastair Campbell continues to fight back in his usual style.
7. Oxford Spring on nonsense and the pink vote.
8. Paul Waugh on an uncomfortable Haitian moment for Nick Clegg.
9. Letters From a Tory reveals how desperate Labour is for votes.
10. John Redwood explains the extent of the government's banking losses.
11. Dizzy on Gordon's imminent tax bombshell.
12. Daphne Trimble learns some lessons from the Craigavon by election.

plus Tim Montgomerie's weekend election roundup

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