Sunday, January 17, 2010

Iain 1 Yasmin 1

I know how you all love it when I mention Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, so here goes. On the BBC News Channel paper review last night she talked about Jenni Russell's article in the Sunday Times on class. Here's how the exchange went...

YAB: "We had a funny kind of statement from the communities minister (John Denham) that race didn't matter but class did..."
Iain: "Well that puts you out of a job then..."

Any smugness I might have been feeling evaporated a minute later when she she started talking about the "privileged few in the Tory Party - people like him...", as she gestured to me. Unfortunately, before I could reply Clive Myrie called time.

Score draw!


JuliaM said...

It's nice to see you giving Yasmin one, Iain... ;)

Anonymous said...

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown not being a member of the privileged few in any race or party, of course.

Pass the humbugs Mother!

Unsworth said...

Sadly we didn't get to hear her views of the privileged few in the Labour Party, either.


Lady Finchley said...

She really needs tobe muzzled.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you supposed to wear and place about a lot of garlic. Or is that for werewolves and vampires; doesn't matter as their is little difference in her case.

Anonymous said...

Iain, serves you right for cosying up to the enemy!

When I met YAB at your "do" in Manchester I was rather astonished at how personable she was. As an individual she is quite likeable, but her political logic should be taken out and shot.

I still yell at her when she appears on the telly, but I prefer her to that jaded party hack Baroness Billingsgate - the one that looks like Les Dawson's mum. Now that one has the ability to patronise her fellow panelists like no one else on Earth.

Maybe it's as well you only had YAB to deal with.

Bird said...

Race has been good for YAB.
She never writes or talks about anything else.
Mind you, she's encouraged to do this by leftie editors in the media.
I'm always pleasantly shocked when I occasionally hear a black or asian person talk about fishing say or stamp collecting.

Anonymous said...

BTW - when the Haiti earthquake happened did Hillary pick the phone up and call Baroness Ashton??

According to Booker the EU has been all talk and no trousers.

YAB and Billingsgate are of course a pair of brain dead idiots. But that is par for the course if you are a socialist.

Conand said...

I understand Iain's rather funny remark, it made sense. YAB's was rubbish.

@ Hawkeye

I was horribly privileged enough to observe YAB at Iain's shindig too. I was fascinated to witness her in that setting. She did come across as quite human. It was like slipping into a parallel universe.

Newmania said...

Now that is what I love about you Iain, very very funny indeed

Anonymous said...

Conand said: "She did come across as quite human. It was like slipping into a parallel universe."