Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to PR a New Book

Yesterday evening, the news broke that my company, Biteback, is publishing Peter Watt's book INSIDE OUT. We've waited a long time for this and whenever you're dealing with a newspaper serialisation you're praying that nothing goes wrong. There's also that nagging doubt in the back of your mind that gnaws away. Have you misjudged it? Will anyone be interested after all? Well, I think it is safe to say that there has been quite a bit of interest!

So, as Cilla might say, let's have a quick reminder of the media coverage the book has had in the last few hours

If you add up all that lot, I reckon around 7 million people will be aware that the book is coming out. Now, all I need is for David Cameron to mention it during his interview with Andrew Marr.

Someone on Twitter last night had a go at Peter for taking his book to me to publish. He did it because he knows I know how to publish political books. I'd say the above list provides at least some evidence in that direction. And before anyone asks, yes, if I was asked to publish a book detailing similar things relating to the Tories, I would. Biteback is, like Total Politics, non partisan in its publishing.

A good night's work, I'd say. Job done.*

* And if I sound a bit self-satisfied, you're right. It's because I know when I've done something right!


Span Ows said...

I see the BBC have cleverly camuflaged the story. No mention of Watt etc until you scroll down. Most readers reading the headline and first few lines of the article will presume it's more bumph about the "coup" and so skip the page. Only about the 10,000th time the Beeb online editors have pulled this stunt.

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Yep, we're all in the mood for a May election

Unknown said...


'Lead item on Sky News paper review'-SG declarted an interest and, to preempt the response from nutters/trolls, I think it best for you to identify the reviewer :)

Unknown said...

You done a heck of a job on it, and deserve your success! Well done!

Unknown said...

declared* (Typo in previous message. Am typing this while listening to Marr/DC ...and waiting for the PW question!)

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Good luck - we need more entrepreneurial businesses in this country.

Unknown said...

If a book came out with evidence that Brown was a paedophile, the Labour party would still stick with him.

The country badly needs strong governance, instead we have this complete farce.

Brown should be in a padded cell.

moorlandhunter said...

I saw this on the news early this morning just as I was taking the dogs out for a walk and I had to stop and listen to the report. What a damning indictment of Brown and it shows just what sort of person Brown is and how he harms the UK with his personality and his chaotic way of dealing with issues.
Then I heard that another Cabinet Minister is blaming Brown for personally preventing the increase of helicopters in Afghanistan. If true, then this is just as damning.

RJT said...

Yes, Iain, you sound astonishingly self-satisfied. This terrible boasting really is distasteful. Could you not wait for others to tell you what a splendid job you had done?

Perhaps you would publish a Tory book like this, but come on, I doubt you would feel the same degree of smugness if you had.

I have no problem with you publishing this, or any book; good luck to you. But it is simply impolite to post a blog post simply saying how brilliant you are, that's all.


Fuddled Medic said...

i doubt this book will change anyones opinions of Brown though, if you have not noticed that Brown is short of a screw or two by now then this isn't going to convince you

Nich Starling said...

RJT - Get over yourself. Iain has done a good job on this. I like to brag a little when I have done well too. Stop being such a wet blanket.

Plato said...

Congrats Iain - hilarious 'move along nothing to see' from certain bits of the media [Marr's paper review and the BBC website Sunday papers].

Look forward to reading about the role of Unite :D

Unsworth said...


Is there a source of blog etiquette which I might be able to consult - before calling you a clown, that is?

You may not like Iain's crowing, nor do I for that matter, but so what? Some of what he had to say here I thought was quite interesting and entertaining. Maybe we both need to lighten up a bit, eh?

In the meantime I look forward to the further machinations and attempts at trashing which emanate from Downing Street and the BBC. They've already launched into it, and we can certainly expect the author and publisher to be personally attacked, never mind the actual content.

Westmorlander said...


Don't be so pompous. This is Iain's blog, Iain's business and Iain's success. He's allowed to advertise that he is successful.

RJT said...

I am sure you do, Norfolk Blogger. I try not to brag, I think it's rather unpleasant.

Unsworth -- it's not a question of blog etiquette. Just common or garden politeness!

Westmorlander -- of course Iain is 'allowed' to say exactly what he wishes to on his own blog. He also invites his readers' opinions, which is what I did. I don't think I was being pompous, but fair enough.



Nicki UK (Trans Authoress) said...

Iain I can tell you one thing, i will be getting it and the book A view from the foothills, that had me in hysterics.

Unsworth said...


I don't think you're getting this. 'Politeness'? Why? I don't come here to be 'polite' to anyone - and I can't think that many do. Why should I - or they?

I have to spend enough of my time elsewhere being 'polite' to befuddled loons who really don't understand what lies behind my archly civil dealings with them. Still, their large cheques certainly help to maintain my somewhat exotic lifestyle.

And what does 'politeness' have to do with Iain's self-satisfaction? It may offend your sensibilities a little - but live and let live, I think. After all, none of us has to visit here. It's his house, his rules, his choice as to how he wishes to carry on. I'd suggest that you address the content, rather than the style.

Martin S said...

In response to Sarah's point they'd spin it and say: "Well, at least his good with children."

Iain, well done. And best of luck with this book and the others that you will be publishing.

Presumably you have a press release you are sending out to the regional press? If so, could you zap a copy over to me, please? Ta!

Iain Dale said...

Thatsnews, can you let me have your email address please.

Eddie 180 said...

I cannot find any specific story covering the views of the former General Secretary of the Labour party on the BBC politics page on their website.

Yesterday they gave some prominence to an article that appeared in Dr Who magazine, whereby David Tennant said Cameron would be a terrifying prospect.

The story now appears in teh entertainment section of the BBC site, but yesterday there was a very prominent link from the politics pages.

Clearly, the views of an actor are more relevant than those that have worked at the heart of the party.

Osama the Nazarene said...

You say that the book was mentioned on all BBPravda news channels but it is interesting how they tried to spin it. On both the "news" and paper review programmes they went out of their way to point out that Watt had an axe to grind for being dropped from his liebor party job by Brown for the donations scandal and that he was known to be an arch Blairite.

Just so that we plebs would understand that what he wrote was from a jaundiced viewpoint!

John Woolman said...

For me one of the most instructive quotes was: "I’d sorted out a temporary £500,000 overdraft facility with the Co-op bank, to get us off to a start, and discussed financial support from the trade unions".

Yet another bank struck off the very short list of those to whom i would wish to entrust my money....

Conand said...

@Eddie 12:26

Priceless isn't it?

Whenever the BBC criticise the Iranian or Russian etc State Broadcasters I either laugh until I'm sick or turn into the Incredible Hulk, depending on the emotional weather.

Martin S said...

RJT This terrible boasting really is distasteful

Iain is rightly proud. And it is his personal blog.

You really haven't quite got a handle on this blogging stuff, have you?

Martin S said...

Iain, my em-ail address is on the way.

Eddie said...

Further to my comment yesterday, whereby I contrasted the BBC Politics website promotion of the story about David Tennant supporting Brown and not Cameron, whilst there was no report about Watts view of Brown. The BBC Politics website have returned to the Dr Who story today, highlighting it as another "Top Story". This time the fact that Cameron brushed off the suggestion to him in a BBC radio interview that Dr Who was not a fan gets reported...

Still no specific story about Watts attack on Brown, or Browns response to it (unless it is buried in another story), it certainly doesn't get a headline. The only Brown headline I see is far more positive... "Brown to rally party on election".
Nice balance BBC.