Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Saturday

1. Guido warns LibDems that loose lips cost votes.
2. Cranmer calls Douglas Alexander on his Catholic hypocrisy.
3. Letters from a Tory has an iPAD Downfall video.
4. J Arthur MacNumpty on John McFall's decision to quit Parliament.
5. Dick Puddlecote wants to bully the Bully State.
6. Colleen Graffy on the legality of the Iraq War. She was Asst Secretary of State in the Bush Administration.


Anonymous said...

Why did you pull the Guidogram?

Paul W.E. Ingham said...

Hi Iain, it might be worth one of those Scottish Pound Notes to find out why John McFall MP has thrown in the tartan tea-cloth.

Anonymous said...

Jacqui Smith on Straight Talk - is it me or is she ballooning into Susan Boyle?

Unknown said...

Have a look at this... you couldn't make it up...

IPCC now in Bizarroland: Pachauri releases “smutty” romance novel

javelin said...

Story in the Mail on Gordon Brown assulting a femal member if staff. That is gross misconduct and he should be frog marched out the building. The Prime Minster encourages bullying of women and domestic violence by not resigning and not denying it. Would he be happy if somebody treated his wife like this. He clearly gets hugely frustrated because he can't get his own way on eveything. When will he recognise that he need professional help for his anger management issues.

How dies it go. "lord give us the strength ...". Clearly Gordin does not have the strength.

Women should boycott this numbskull.