Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Militant Medical Nurse is not a happy angel. At all.
2. Iain Martin advises David Cameron to mind his manners.
3. Paul Waugh reviews Sir David Omand's evidence to the Iraq Inquiry.
4. Operation Black Vote analyses the 30 BME Labour candidates at the next election.
5. Nick Assinder has a nasty aftertaste from PMQs.
6. ConHome says the Green candidate in Great Yarmouth stands down ... to help the Tory candidate!
7. Lobbydog thought Nick Clegg was going to cry.
8. Biased BBC isn't impressed by the new 5 Live lineup on Sunday mornings. Nor am I. It's puerile.
9. David Gordon has 20 Questions for Peter Robinson.
10. Slugger O'Toole is outraged. Outraged, I say.
11. Party Lines sees a preview of the Mo Mowlam film.
12. Da Fink answers Da Fawkes.

And finally, if you're interested in attending the first of four City Inn/Total Politics Election Question Times in Birmingham on Feb 4th, click HERE. On the panel are Andrew Mitchell, John hemming, Jacqui Smith and Marc Reeves. Watch out for similar events in Manchester, Leeds and London.


javelin said...

I'm really worried about employment. Unemployment can't be falling can it?

My girlfriend works in local government in Hampshire. She told me she was surprised that admin staff were being hired. I had said only front line staff would be be hired but she said that local governent was still expanding.

I'm really worried that government is still expanding when it's about to implode.

Gordon was completely bonkers to criticise Cameron in PMQ. I don't think he understands Government is still running around like a headless chicken.

What on earth is going on?

Anonymous said...

lol - Lobbydog is worth a read!

I never knew that about Nick Clegg before!