Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Christopher Hope asks if UNITE has tried to "buy" a seat for Jack Dromey.
2. Paul Waugh on Sir Dyno-Rod and how he cornered Alastair Campbell.
3. Party Lines has 5 unusual Tory policy announcements and 5 unusual Labour ones.
4. Max Atkinson says Andy Burnham for leader!
5. Mark Reckons has "Inamicus" has been treated unfairly.
6. So does Hopi Sen.
7. Yapping Yousuf on how the internet can win elections.
8. Cicero's Songs on the crisis in Greec.
9. Tory Radio on a magazine that doesn't know its Steves from its Alex Hiltons.
10. Guido thinks a deal has been done on peerages for Tory backbenchers who quit.
11. Capitalists@Work discover another favourite poem of Gordon Brown.
12. Letters From a Tory accuses John Bercow of "underhand tactics".


Ralph Hancock said...

--- INEPTUS ---

Out of the night's embarrassment
Made blacker by the blogging mole,
I thank the twenty-eight per cent
Still for me in the recent poll.

Felled by my own incompetence
I've thrown my phone and cried aloud.
The new one's bought at your expense;
I bet that makes you bloody proud.

Beyond the awful sixth of May
Looms the political wilderness,
And yet the horror of that day
Cannot exceed today's distress.

No matter that I've wrecked the state,
However many heads may roll;
I am the blaster of YOUR fate,
I am the cancer of YOUR soul.

Letters From A Tory said...

Cheers, Iain.