Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Tory Radio questions Northern Rock giving £10 million to Newcastle United.
2. Jon Craig says the plot thickens over when the Commons Clerk learned of Damian Green's arrest.
3. Hopi Sen takes his own advice. Which clearly sticks in his throat. And understandably so.
4. Party Lines on how to get more disabled people to vote.
5. O'Conall Street becomes an MLA.
6. Vicky Ford on EU horsetrading.
7. Subrosa has a warning for Annabelle Goldie.
8. Stephen Tall on a split among LibDem MPs over an EU referendum. Jon Craig too.
9. John Redwood on plunging living standards.
10. ConHome has the names of the six people seeking to succeed Julie Kirkbride.
11. Cranmer examines the madness of Glenys Kinnock.
12. Greg Hands thinks this video from Hammersmith Green Candidate Rollo Miles is the worst campaign video ever.

Rollo Miles is the Green Party candidate for Hammersmith, up against Shaun Bailey for the Conservatives. Here is his initial offering to the electorate.

Particular highlights include the balloon suddenly floating across the screen at around 0:50 and at 6:52 the statement that "if you want the same, vote Greens" before taking some considerable time to realise that he meant the opposite!


Ed said...

This is a joke yes?

Some post modern satire piece that I need to become more familiar with?

I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than have to listen to this guy a minute longer.

OldSlaughter said...

Removed! That was fast.

Tapestry said...

I thought it was an excellent presentation by Rollo. He's his own man. No pretence. You guys wouldn't recognise honesty if it walked over and bit you, you've been surrounded by Labour lies so long.

What he wants you all to do is stop wasting your money on petrol, and start caring for the environment.

He just needs to make his truth more exciting than their lies (which is difficult.)

Here is one idea of how to do that.

Not a sheep said...

Rollo Miles's video has been removed. Rollo Miles, wWatch his intro video - - almost enough to make me join Class War

James Goldstone said...

NOOOO!!! Iain why?

Hammersmith Labour Party office loved that video. We probably represented half the hits and now its been taken down.

Apparently he's ok in person, but definitely not on video - sadly.