Friday, January 08, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Walaa Idris writes an open letter to ConservativeHome.
2. Mark D'Arcy thinks Sir Ian Kennedy has put a cat among the pigeons.
3. Guido is staggered. Nay, shocked that Mehdi Hasan has never met Ed Balls. Even I have.
4.'s has the text of a letter from the legal advisors, Sue, Smearit & Writ, of Peter Cuckold MP.
5. Pauk Waugh has more evidence of Patricia Hewitt's disloyalty. This time to Blair.
6. Gaby Hinsliff has had an inbetween day.
7. Hermeneuticals says we should leave global warming to the BBC.
8. Jeffrey Peel on why Peter Robinson must resign.
9. Phil Taylor on communicating MPs.
10. Party Lines on religion and Iris Robinson.
11. Tom Harris on unparliamentary language.
12. Iain Martin thinks Labour's election campaign is a shambles.

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