Friday, December 14, 2007

Today's Top Ten Blog Stories

1. Ben Brogan says the Tories think Northern Rock will be the straw which breaks Brown's back.
2. Dizzy has yet another corruption scandal from the North East.
3. Fraser has tales from Dave's Xmas bash - No invite for me...sob!
4. Jonathan Levy on Boulton & Co has more bad news for Jacqui Smith over 90 56 58 42 days.
5. LibDem Voice has stats about female representation on local councils. No, really.
6. Tom Watson (rightly) berates the media, and Sir Michael White in particular for their lack of coverage of Parliament.
7. Iain Dale (the LibDem one) is ranting about a Scottish truckers contest (no Glasgow rhyming slang, please)
8. Donal Blaney urges the Republicans not to 'Huck it up'. He should save his breath.
9. Cassilis reckons career politicians are the dog's gonads.
10. Quaequam is not impressed by Barney's video efforts. I thought it was rather sweet, actually

I'm intending to run this Blog feature most days now. Good idea, or not? If you spot a blogpost you think I should highlight, do email me.


Peter from Putney said...

Yes Iain, at last a league table of real value, instead of all the usual self-seving, ego-satisfying, oh so boring ones which no one is remotely interested in.

Anonymous said...

Yup, good idea.

Anonymous said...

Trying to be the British Glen Reynolds?

Iain Dale said...

Er, no. I am trying to be Iain Dale, which believe me, is never easy!

Anonymous said...

Good idea, but avoid the 'top ten' label - it's just a teeny bit worn on this site, if truth be known.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, but why not run it as a sidebar that's updated daily like Guido does with his stories from elsewhere?

Alex said...

Why not have a list of the top ten lists of the best stories in the blogosphere?

Alan Douglas said...

Iain, I have relied on you (and some others)to connect me to debate and interesting material for some time now. I also scan Guido's, and CH's, pointers to other articles, which have provided me with interesting reading.

I agree with the other comment about calling it "Top Ten" - but "Noted elsewhere ..." on a daily basis would be of value.

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Some will be unknown and we can add to our "favourites".

Anonymous said...

Surprised you haven't picked up on this Blair story, Ian. The White House Christmas card is very controversial this year due to funadamentalist sentiments. But a strong White House Christmas message has gone out on Barneycam, Bush's dog's videolog. No, I'm not joking. Look out on the link for a haggard Tony Blair demeaning himself still further, if that were possible, in the service of Bush. Have a paper bag handy.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Iain! Your blog will be a first point of reference, good for you, good for readers.

But are you going to be able to cope with the many suggestions that you will receive? (I'm just being practical - it could be a lot of work?)

Tim said...

Missing from this list: Policy Exchange Vs. Newsnight

dizzy said...

Yes, because Newsnight vs Policy Exchange is a "blog story" :rolleyes:

Anonymous said...


Tim said...

Sorry, Dizzy but you're wrong all over:

1. Even if you were right in suggesting that the 10 stories Iain has chosen were purely about or from blogs, this would clash with your position that blogging about blogging is 'boring'.

2. Have a close look at the 10 stories Iain has selected, and you may note one or two that are reactions to mainstream happenings/coverage.

3. Not that I need to make that point; Oh, my goodness! Here's Peter Barron responding to Dean Godson's pathetic personal attack on a (*gasp*) blog.

I didn't think it was necessary to spell it out, but there are some things that Iain simply won't mention/highlight because of personal/political associations. I don't think he's the right pair of hands for a round-up, as it is unlikely to be balanced/comprehensive.

In fact, I would venture that is why the weekly blogging round-up that already exists has been so popular and enduring; it has passed from hand to hand with an understanding that personal/political agendas should be kept out of it. (Of course, standards slip from time to time, but little biases are balanced as the round-up is shared around.)

Which brings me to another point; the Britblog Roundup, as it passes from hand to hand, affords many blogs with the opportunity to reach new readers. Why would Iain want to produce a competing daily(!) round-up where he is the only beneficiary?

Iain Dale said...

Oh Tim, you don't give up, do you? These blog stories are the ones I personally found interesting. They're not meant to be balanced, they're not meant to be impartial, they're not meant to be comprehensive, they're not meant to be balanced - just interesting. One day I might even pick a story from your own blog.

I will also be highlighting new blogs which people may not know, just as I have a track record of doing over the last 18 months.

Unknown said...

Good idea, although I suggest you focus more on independent bloggers rather than the big media sponsored ones. Your blog is a good portal to smaller blogs - whose output is not worth checking everyday (such as mine).

Tim said...

Calm down, Iain. You asked for feedback, and I provided it.

Look, if they're going to be Iain Dale's Top Ten Blog Stories and/or the The Top Ten Blog Stories from a Tory Perspective, then call it that and carry on.

But it would be a mistake to use a title that suggests the feature includes THE Top Ten Blog Stories, for reasons you yourself have made clear.

I also stand by my point regarding your competing with the Britblog Roundup. OK, one is weekly and you want to attempt daily... but there's still overlap. Do you really need to make a grab for that ground?

(BTW, do you not have *anything* to say about the Policy Exchange matter?)

Anonymous said...

What utter nonsense. If you will visit Iain Dale's blog, then expect to get his list of personal recommendations.

Tim said...

Sorry, anonymous person, but on that one point Iain obviously agrees with me; look at the name he had given his list at the same time I was writing my previous comment.

(Iain: I'll take that as a 'no' on Policy Exchange, then.)

Anonymous said...

good idea!