Friday, December 28, 2007

End of Year Awards: Devolved & International Politicians

Here are some more results from the End of Year Awards Poll, which 2,300 of you took part in earlier in the week...


1. Lembit Opik 28%
2. Rhodri Morgan 17%
3. Ieuean Wyn Jones 15%
4. Nick Bourne 14%
5. Adam Price 10%
6. Glyn Davies 5%
Others 11%

1. Alex Salmond 81%
2. Annabel Goldie 12%
3. Wendy Alexander 4%
4. Nicol Stephen 3%


1, Ian Paisley 73%
2. Martin McGuinness 27%


1. Nicolas Sarkozy 36%
2. Barack Obama 17%
3. l Gore 12%
4. Vladimir Putin 11%
5. Angela Merkel 9%
6. George W Bush 6%
7. Hillary Clinton 6%
Others 2%


Anonymous said...

English politician of the year???

Anonymous said...

Paisley eh? He's in this mornings papers with this headline, THE view that Ian Paisley was “associated with paramilitaries” and that he might be arrested for conspiracy was discussed by senior Stormont officials in 1977.

"The remarks about Mr Paisley, who is now first minister, emerge in the confidential minutes of a meeting between the permanent under-secretary of the NIO, Brian Cubbon, and permanent secretaries at Stormont during the United Ulster Action Council strike of May 1977."

How things have changed. Now we have two suspected terrorists in government instead of one. It just gets better and better over here.

Ian James Johnson said...

Lembit Opik as Welsh Politician of the Year?! Really?!

Remind me, was there a box that said 'I know nothing about Welsh politics whatsoever, so could you excuse from voting in this section'? It might have been useful as that result is about as far off the pulse of Welsh politics as you could get.

PS Ieuan Wyn Jones seems to have gained a vowel in your write-up, Iaian ;)

Llongyfarchiadau i'r gweddill, yn enwedig Glyn!

Anonymous said...

Scottish politician of the year?

Welsch politician of the year?

Northern Irish politician of the year?

What about - whisper it - an English politican of the year?

Yet again the English-hating Iain Campbell MacDale, who boasts of his Scottish blood and his "one-quarter" Scottish family, has demonstrated his wish to sell out England and the English to curry favour with David Donald MacCameron in the hope of being granted some crumbs from England's table by the Scottish raj.

Whenever you do get that safe parliamentary seat Iain, we'll be there to point out to England and the English where your true allegiences lie.


ALL Scots living in England - OUT!


Iain Dale said...

English Democrat, I suggest you ask your Chairman Robin Tilbrook and your Vice Chairman Christine Constable where my allegiances lie before you spew forth your filth. I am fully in favour of an English Parliament and have probably done more to bring it about than you will have ever done. I've written about it on my blog countless times and in the Daily Telegraph.

You reallt know how to make enemies don't you.

In case you hadn't noticed, these are devolved awards. England hasn't got devolved powers yet, unfortunately.
There's a word for people like you, and it rhymes with 'thick'.

Anonymous said...

well would ya look at SALMOND 81% in a field of 4 --- brilliant :-)

Anonymous said...

Mr Al Globe is over-rated.

John M Ward said...


You wrote in response to English Democrat:

"There's a word for people like you, and it rhymes with 'thick'."

I don't think we need another word -- 'thick' will do in this situation, as anyone paying attention wouldn't have made such a daft post in the first place.

Oh, and thank you, English Democrat, for reminding me why your party's candidates always end up absolutely nowhere in our local elections, gaining a not-so-grand total of 0.58% of the (considerably increased overall) between the ED candidates vote last May...

Anonymous said...

"Devolved" may not include England, but it could probably include London. The Mayor and GLA have a bigger electorate than the Scottish Parliament or the Welsh or NI Assemblies.
Maybe Boris is just too embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

lemprick oldpick
that is such a laugh - no one rates that idiot in Wales.
he has done nothing for Wales ,the lib Dems and certainly not his voters.
Glyn Davies Tory Gent is so superior to that muppet

Anonymous said...

ps english democrat

Welsh is the word not welsch.

Anonymous said...

No surprise Salmond has such a lead in the 'Jock Politician of the Year' field. Head and shoulders above anybody else in Holyrood- even Margo Mac! The Scottish Labour Party and the odious Scottish Libbies are STILL in coalition- in opposition! All they have to do is their tired, and downright facile, -'Get Shorty/Salmond' campaign. All those twats are doing is having the opposite effect by making Salmond MORE popular!

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing, after his film "A Convenient Pack of Lies Desgined to Scare the Public & Make Me Lots Of Money" was proven to be indeed a pack of lies, that anybody actually voted for him. With the media behind you you can clearly fool a lot of people for quite a while.

[PS English Democrat - no offense but you are an idiot]

Anonymous said...

Why no MEP of the Year?