Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. POST OF THE DAY: Shane Greer wants a mass debate on legalising prostitution. Dizzy agrees.
2. The ever-perceptive James Forsyth on the Speccie Coffee House isn't impressed with the Clegg reshuffle.
3. The Three Line Whip on the real reason Gordon Bottled an election in October.
4. Paul Linford on why faith matters in politics...
5. ...and Bob Piper on why it shouldn't.
6. John Redwood explains there's a fourth option to rescue Northern Rock.
7. Cranmer on a record breaking day for Her Majesty.
8. Kevin Maguire reveals Brown has lost another Minister. Lord Triesman resigns to be the first independent chairman of the FA. Unless he's visited by Inspector Knacker first...
9. Newmania brings us the startling revelation that left handers are more at risk of mental illness and oral sex causes throat cancer.
10. The Daily Referendum castigates Brown's pensiins U Turn, especially its timing.
11. EU Referendum berates the Daily Telegraph for believing that the EU wishes to liberalise anything.
12. Matt Wardman on the rules of sending Christmas Cards


Daily Referendum said...

Thanks for the link Iain. I hope you keep this idea going, it is a great way to bring some of the smaller blogs (like mine) to the attention of a larger audience.


Anonymous said...

Is it just oral sex with newmania that causes it? That I can well believe.