Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. POST OF THE DAY - Dizzy on the need for a new government department for IT
2. Andrew Neil has an idea for Boris on the Spectator Coffee House.
3. Our Kingdom says 'hallelujah' for the new LibDem leader. Donal Blaney is full of (rather helpful) advice for Nick Clegg.
4. Tory Diary reckons there should be a campaign for Fair Votes - ie a fairer distribution of seats. At the moment it takes 26,000 voters to elect a Labour MP and 41,000 to elect a Tory. S'not fair!!!!!
5. Guido reckons the CCHQ Xmas Party isn't going to be a lot fun.
6. The Taxpayers' Alliance looks at the modern version of Newsspeak.
7. The Daily Brute has penned the Dour One's political obituary. Not happy reading for Mr G Brown.
8. Havering On about Health & Safety madness gone....well, mad.
9. Cicero's Songs on why David Cameron will fail. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. He picks his day's doesn't he?
10. Chris Whiteside on Faggots and Pogues.
11. Paul Linford has yet more advice for the new LibDem leader. Who should he appoint to his front bench team?
12. Cassilis asks what Polly & Alex have in common. I wouldn't dare to suggest...


Newmania said...

Tsk tsk...ignored again...some of this is superb but some of it is unexceptional

Anonymous said...

Cicero (No.9) made some very apt observations about David Cameron. For one thing, he's never even been a junior minister. He has no experience managing a company, never mind a country.

Newmania said...

He has no experience managing a company, never mind a country

Perhaps it was tricky finding a country to practice on ?