Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Daley (Christmas) Dozen

1. Andrew Neil on party etiquette. Andrew, mate, rejig your guest list. I'm very polite. Really.
2. Tameside Eye regrets the lack of a Christmas Message from our beloved PM.
3. EU Referendum takes the MSM to task over a missed story.
4. Dizzy on the Muslim Call to Prayer... in Oxford
5. Norfolk Blogger reckons royal watchers are 'sad', then admits he used to deliver Focus leadlets on Xmas Eve...
6. LibDem Voice is rather desperate for nominations for Liberal Voice of 2007. Only four so far...
7. Mike Rouse wants more sex. And in other news Gordon Brown says Vote Labour.
8. Kiwiblog lists the Top Ten political stories in New Zealand. Contain yourselves.
9. Donal Blaney calls on the Church to lead by example. Was that a whistle in the wind?
10. Quaequam on 'coining it like an Egyptian'...
11. Dave's Part remains decidely unimpressed by Grant Shapps's night under the stars
12. The CEP blog questions why a Welsh MP has been appointed English Housing spokesman


Not a sheep said...

4. I think you mean Muslim rather than Muslin.

Too much sherry?

Anonymous said...

This "Daley Dozen" - are they second hand motors then?

Anonymous said...

LDV is desperate full stop!!! Mind you, the rejiggled presentation is better- but the content is still total pony trap. LDV still hasn't cottoned-on that you cannot have a serious 'website' for a joke political party! God bless her, Stephen Tall has TRIED; but for his 'capability'- i agree with Cllr Keith Mitchell's hilarious put down of said ST in a letter to the Oxford press a few months ago!!

Anonymous said...

Despite the link I've still not had any luck :-( lol