Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Dizzy doesn't think much of the New Year's Honous List. Nor do I.
2. Rachel North has a touching description of Christmas without her mother and also a post about the lack of recognition for 7/7 rescuers in the New Year's Honours List 3. Andrew Porter on Three Line Whip predicts a resignation (Jacqui Smith's) and that Andy Burnham will be next Leader of the Labour Party. Has it really got that bad?
4. Donal Blaney is a shadow of his former self, and shares with us the reason. It is nothing to do with pole dancing.
5. Andrew Sullivan makes the case for gay marriage. Again.
6. Glyn Davies on the legacy of Mrs T.
7. The Devil himself indulges in a bit of anti-bansturbation.
8. Burning our Money isn't happy about some of the recipients of Honours.
9. Fraser Nelson asks what would have happened to David Cameron is Brown hadn't bottled it.
10. Adam Boulton poses 10 questions for 2008.
11. Nah, he wouldn't dare... Would he? Cassilis reckons Gordon could for an election in 2008.
12. John Redwood tells Gordon Brown what he should do in 2008.


Anonymous said...

God, I wish Andrew Sullivan would shut up. I stopped reading his blog around two or three years ago because he has become a johnny-one-note obsessive. I am baffled that any publication still buys his deeply predictable pieces.

Fraser Nelson's piece is interesting. I second Iain's recommendation.

xx said...

No, you've missed Cranmer's piece on Labour's attack on Catholic schools. That should make anyone's top 10. Or at least anyone who had attuned political antennae.

And what about EU Referendum on Cameron's New Year message? What are you on?