Thursday, December 13, 2007

Your Favourite News Websites

I asked you how often you visit various media news websites. These are your 17 favourites and show the sites you visit MORE than once a week. The bracketed figure denotes at least ONCE a week.

1. BBC 86% (89%)
2. Telegraph 52% (63%)
3. Times 47% (62%)
4. Guardian 45% (58%)
5. Mail 32% (39%)
6. Sky 27% (36%)
7. Spectator 27% (39%)
8. Independent 22% (33%)
9. Your regional newspaper 20% (30%)
10. FT 15% (24%)
11. Sun 10% (15%)
12. Economist 8% (18%)
13. Time 5% (8%)
14. New Statesman 4% (12%)
15. Mirror 3% (7%)
16. Express 3% (5%)
17. Newsweek 1% (2%)


Anonymous said...

people use the bbc for news im stunned

Geezer said...

Most of the Middle-classes seem addicted to Al-Beeb, even if they don't really like it much these days.
I stopped using it for News a long time ago, and only visit it for the Sports News and weather forecast these days.
It's inlfluence is shocking and profoundly undemocratic, that is why this poisonous organisation must go!

Anonymous said...

Intriguing, isn't it, that for all the ridiculous guff spouted about the BBC being a) biased; and b) no good, even an audience of mostly Tory voters prefers it vastly to any other news source online.


Anonymous said...

These figures are for favourite news websites not news sources which may (as for me) be different as the internet is only one way people get news.
I wonder why the specific rather than general question?

Pogo said...

Interseting that they've all declined since June...

Carl Eve said...

Priceless - the blogsite where most people, including the author, slag off the BBC on a regular basis.
And yet most of you go to it for their news.