Tuesday, December 18, 2007

LibDem Snoozeathon About to End

Come on, I know you are just that little bit excited. Trust me, I'm a doctor. Only a couple more hours until we know who the new LibDem leader is. A nation is holding its collective breath. My cup is almost runnething over. I'm going back to my constituency to prepare. I can see troops marching towards the sound of gunfire. We oppose. We propose. [Are you on something? - ed].

The LibDem leadership result will be announced at 2.37pm exactly. Apparently Sky News has a one minute gap at that time between a report on female kickboxing in Taiwan and a film from Adam Boulton reporting on the discovery of an illegal immigrant working as the Head of the Immigration and Nationality Department of the Home Office. That was a joke. But nowadays you could be forgiven for thinking it wasn't.


Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait for this result Ee-yane.

Which pipsqueak will it be?

Anonymous said...

You are in a funny mood today Mr Dale! I shall be glued to my TV at 2.37...could you remind me who the candidates are again???

Gordon's Gofer said...


Some bloke what went to a proper university pissed around doing PR/journalism and and the like for a few years and then got elected to Parliament. or its the other bloke who is almost identical to oh hang on a minute isn't that Dave Cameron as well???


Newmania said...

Conservative Home advises us to love-bomb Liberals by agreeing with them. I find I do agree with some and find others loathsome sanctimonious frauds.
In rejecting the Conservtative offer of progressive alliance against Old Labour they pointed at Europe .

Oddly I do not find that Liberal activists are as keen on passing our sovereignty to a distant bureaucracy as the leadership.
The Cleggs of this world cling to their wierd Euro fanaticism because its the only thing that differentiates them from Conservatives .
We are all socially Liberal now so what is the point really ?

Anonymous said...

Please please please let it be Clegg !!!!!

Manfarang said...

Now that you mention female kick boxing, the Thai general election is on December 23rd. No Labour Party,certainly no Conservative Party and no booze!

zendo said...

Mr Huhne is gathering last minute votes it seems. :)

Anonymous said...

Why does it take longer to elect the leader of a political party than it does to elect a government?

Johnny Norfolk said...

Who cares anymore they are just another leftie party to join Labour,Tories and the Greens.

You knew The Liberal Party was on the road to ruin when they joined up with the SDP.They should have been made to join the Liberal Party not take it over.
The Lib/Dems are a left wing party

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of how boring the Tory leadership contest was after the Blackpool Conference! That time the snoozathon lasted three and a half months!

M. Hristov said...

Perhaps you would like to predict who is going to win, Rhydian (the slightly odd competent one, who used to work for The Economist) or Leon (the popular one who is not very brilliant). Why is the other one not in the competition. Oh, I forgot, he was on “Strictly Come Dancing” with Ayesha (according to “This Week“). I’ve got my competitions badly mixed up (or have I?).

K S Rees said...

I believe Huhne has a gravitas which Clegg sorely lacks. Clegg completely escaped my attention prior to the leadership contest and since seeing a number of interviews with him I remain utterly unimpressed with his performence.

A Swansea Blog

Anonymous said...

I'm not particularly bothered who runs the Liberals but I like the jokes going around about both of them.

Lib Dim and Lib Dumb. Cruel, due to both being quite above the norm.

Nick Clegg is Mr.Angry. Get him going and keep interupting him and see him lose it.
David Dimbleby did this a treat and kept on doing it the other day. Brilliant.

Chris Whom(?) is exceptional but isn't pretty like Nick Clegg and so Liberals being....Tories....will vote for the pretty boy.

But as Shakespeare should have said@ 'Prepare for Government!'

Anonymous said...

Go home and prepare for bed and oblivion!!
Bet the limps are sick of that and all its variations.