Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Spectator Coffee House has the best blogging on the Bhutto assassination. Post after post.
2. Ben Rogers on ConHome reviews the day's events in Pakistan
3. Tim Marshall (Sky News) on why Bhutto was the woman the Islamists feared
4. Louise Bagshawe on ConHome writes a tribute to Margaret Thatcher
5. Dizzy gives a hilarious 8 for 2008, as does Liberal England, with an hilarious anecdote
6. Paul Flynn on the two diplomats expelled by the Afghan government
7. The Libertarian Alliance has a superb quote from Ron Paul
8. The Waendel Journal on politician-speak
9. Justin Webb reckons John McCain hasn't quite had his chips
10. Glyn Davies says 'tally ho!'
11. Alan Cochrane on his Unionist 'chopper'
12. Wife in the North goes shooting

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Newmania said...

That is funny from Dizzy