Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

Today it's a Baker's Dozen!

1. ConservativeHome wants no truck with LibDem coalition talk. Donal Blaney disagrees. More on that later. Perhaps.
2. Dizzy says it woz Kylie wot won it for Leon. He should be so lucky lucky lucky.
3. Norfolk Blogger is looking forward to Chris de Bugh's 'Lady in a Burkha'.
4. Melissa Kite on Three Line Whip pokes fun at the Bali Road Map to Nowhere as does EU Referendum, as does the ever readable John Redwood.
5. LibDem Voice has had a design makeover. And not before time. (Yes, mine's coming soon too, ok?!)
6. Antony Little laments another PC gone mad episode of sweets being banned in the Great Yarmouth Panto. Oh yes they have!
7. CityUnslicker asseses the impact of HIPS on the housing market slowdown.
8. Blood & Treasure has a right good go at everyone's favourite columnist, Polly Toynbee. As does the lefty blog Our Kingdom.
9. Philobiblon tells us why Helen Normanton is a name we should know.
10. Welsh Tory leader Nick Bourne is supporting Barack Obama.
11. Lefty blogging tw*t Alex Hilton argues that all Tories are evil. Alex Hilton is 30, not 12 as you might expect from his rantings.
12. Kerron Cross hilariously loses his temper with John Major.
13. Benedict White wonders where Labour fundraiser Jane Hogarth has disappeared to.


Theo Spark said...

Lady Jane has some quite fun stuff.. something to do with having a dodgy sqatter on her blog!!

Benedict White said...

Iain, I don't quite wonder where she has gone to, I wonder why Labour seem to be denying any connection whilst she is apparently still raising funds (or at least trying to) for Labour.

Thanks for the link though!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Iain. I thought you left those personal remarks to your commenters.

David Boothroyd said...

Nothing about the Worcestershire Tories caught photoshopping and faking?

Iain Dale said...

Alex, if you can't take it, don't dish it out. Your mantra of all Tories being evil is rather tiresome as well as deeply insulting. You may think it will serve you well at Labour selection committees but I doubt it. Most sane people took those kind of tribal blinkers off years ago. I don't consider my political opponents evil, merely misguided.

David Boothroyd said...

PS I knew who Helena Normanton was years ago. (I also know how to spell her first name) She also contributed to the 'Notable British Trials' series, particularly the excellent book about "Blazing car" murderer A.A. Rouse.

Theo Spark said...

There are only two types of lefties: Dumb and Dumber

Unsworth said...


"I don't consider my political opponents evil, merely misguided."

Of course some of them are merely unwell and may recover, given appropriate medication.

Praguetory said...

Yay - censored by CIF for calling Alex's piece drivel.

Obviously hit a nerve.

Carl Eve said...

"If you can't take it, don't dish it out"...

Hmm Iain. Interesting phrase there. I'll keep it in mind the next time I get a personal email from you following your own bad language aimed at me.

(Saying that, Alex's article was bloody tortuous to say the least.)

Anonymous said...

You know Labour's losing it (both mentally and electorally) when they have to resort to painting their mainstream opponents as EVIL>

They've learnt nothing from their drubbing in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Alex. You still delude yourself that Labour is impecably anti-racist.

Trouble is the Law Lords don't believe you.

You're like one of those sad football fans thinking your team still stands for same thing when 11 guys got together for a kickabout in 1890 when the fact is that the club is now a business where the investors rule and get their way. The fans are just deluded fodder who waste their time and money on them.

But at least they have the excuse of saying it's their pastime and not about running a country or frivolous things like people's livelihoods.

One wonders just what "evil" the Labour party has to do to make you realise that the party is over?

Invade a Middle Eastern country on the basis of a lie?

Oh wait...

Newmania said...

Oh come on Iain. I thought you left those personal remarks to your commenters.

I just had a good look through this and it really was Toy Town level . Will someone explain to me why such a pitiable and gosammer light weight character gets so much attention. On eor two good comments actually .

Anonymous said...


Good on you. I never thought any serious organisation, like the Guardian, would publish so much genuine garbage in one article! It looked far more like the poor end of the private blog, written by people who understand neither politics nor economics, but have a childish zeal.

Anonymous said...

If you think that Kerron Cross thing was hilarious, Iain, I congratulate you on being easily amused - or was it the inaccuracy and illogic that you found hilarious?

Newmania said...

Alex gets better .I think I`m the moral equivalent of a child molester now ...( perhaps I shoudln`t have mentioned the big nose)

Anonymous said...

Here's my favourite line from Alex Hilton:

"Young people who become pregnant unexpectedly have an enormous challenge to overcome, as do convicted criminals and drug users."

Whoops! Unexpectedly pregnant! There's a challenge.

Whoops! Unexpectedly convicted of a crime. There's another challenge.

Whoops! Unexpectedly using heroin! There's another challenge.

Life is full of challenges.