Monday, December 17, 2007

On 5 Live from 10pm

I'll be on the Richard Bacon Show on 5 Live from 10pm to 10.45pm tonight talking about whether anyone can ever trust Labour again. I'll be debating with Labour MP Andy Love.

Sorry for the lack of blogging today. I'll be posting the top links of the day after 11pm.


Barnacle Bill said...

How can you have an intelligent debate with a NuLaborite?
They are all in denial and doing good impressions of the three monkeys at the moment.

Anonymous said...

An interesting thought.

And I'm wondering how anybody decides to trust any of you lot.

And that includes you Iain.

By and large I trust you.

I think I know why.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, I hope you can persuade Richard Bacon to stop shouting and interrupting !

Geezer said...

Give 'em hell Iain!

I wonder how many times Bacon will interrupt you to save Love's embarrassment, or does that only happen on Question Time and Radio 4?

CityUnslicker said...

my blog colleague Nick Drew has an excellent post on Energy policy today.

Anonymous said...

Andy Love is the MP in the neigbouring constituency of Edmonton. Apart from puting his name to chairity press releases, he doesn't do much.