Friday, December 14, 2007

And Coming Up on the EU Horizon...

Gordon Brown received another kick in the proverbials in Lisbon yesterday. Remember his much trumpeted wish that there should be no further tinkering with the EU's inner workings for at least a decade? Well, while the cat's away...

Former Spanish PM Felipe Gonzalez has taken on the mantle of EU Wise Man from Giscard D'Estaing - two less wise men I can hardly imagine, but I digress - and will lead a group of Ten 'Sages' in a so-called "Reflection Group" whose task will be to assess the next stage of development of the EU. They will report within three years.

I wonder if our gap year Foreign Secretary argued very hard against its establishment. I doubt it. The thing is, we all know what it will conclude - that we need ever more integration and this can only be achieved with the release of more national vetoes...blah... pooling sovereignty...blah. And so the whole charade goes on. And its us poor buggers who suffer from a continual erosion of our hard won democratic rights.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you check out Mardell's excellent Euroblog post on this topic - it suggests that Sarko wanted to use this forum as a way of kicking the Turkey accession into some very long grass. But he has been kept away from this group, as nothing and no one can be allowed to derail the EU project for yet more expansion and federalism. It makes me sick !!!

Anonymous said...

England’s Unique Heritage of Law Threatened by an EU Police State

Discrimination against the English

The politics of each country in the United Kingdom is clearly different with Labour and the Liberal Democrats doing far better in Scotland and Wales. These political parties have therefore ended up with a free hand in running aspects of their own national affairs. The same is true in Ireland where political parties with specifically Irish characteristics are left to run their own affairs. In England there is no assembly so there is no means whereby the politics of England finds expression.

The current "New Labour" government has a "majority" of some 66 MPs in the Parliament of Westminster. This essential majority for the survival of this government comes from Scottish and Welsh MPs who contribute some 70 MPs to the Labour Government's double counting system. There is therefore, in the case of England, an imposition of a United Kingdom assembly where the government of the day has manipulated affairs to guarantee a built-in "majority". This is a minority government which has the "support" of less than 22% of the electorate. This grossly unfair system survives because of the ability of Scottish and Welsh MPs to sit in two houses while preventing the English MPs the same priviledge; this is an unacceptable act of discrimination against the English.

Erosion of vital English values

Historically, in terms of the development of democracy, Englishmen have been unique in identifying, defining and giving voice to seminal values which so many hold dear. These include the right to the pursuit of happiness, the setting of individual freedom as the hallmark of a successful system of justice as reflected in the typically English legal imperatives as the right to equality before the law irrespective of status, the assumption of innocence, the right to trial by jury, habeas corpus and freedom of, and the defence of, free speech. These have largely rode on English Common Law and the ability of Judges and Juries to do a fair job free from political interference.

Such imperatives for the survival of freedom were promoted by the Levellers during the English Civil War and by the group associated with John Lilburne. Cromwell had these inividuals kept in prison. With the collapse of the English Republic and with the return of Royalty their essential writings were very much kept under wraps. The spark which gave rise to a mass revolution in the American Colonies was when the British Crown moved to ban juries because too many were preventing the state enforce arbitrary decisions on innocent "colonists". It is notable that the American Constitutional components which relate to the pursuit of happiness, individual liberty and freedom are largely based on the early writings of Lilburne written in the Tower of London, 150 years before.

Unfortunately there has been a slow erosion of this essential spark, this recognition of the importance of the defence of individual freedom, as a typical English value. This has occurred gradually since the ascendency of the Scottish influence in United Kingdom politics. Scotland, it should be noted, has a legal system based on the European system, Corpus Juris, a codified Roman Law which is completely distinct and almost alien from English Common Law. This sustains a position which keeps the influence of the community conscience in legal affairs and court decisions at arms length.

Elimination through a political Europe

The lack of an English assembly prevents the English from protecting their rights to sustain their nationality as English. The European project, Corpus Juris and the European Constitutional Draft are aimed directly at "standardizing law" which means, in the United Kingdom context that Scottish Law will eventually reign supreme. The breaking up of England into so-called EU regions has been a subtle and politically destructive means of destroying the coherence of the English nation. England has become the only country in Europe to have been eliminated without a war but rather as the result of the manipulations of Brussels bureaucrats and dishonest and irresponsible politicians in Westminster serving their party interests over country.

Anonymous said...

Surely Mr Brown will approve of carrying out a review on an issue to report so far into the future that everyone has forgtton why it was set up in the first place.

Isn't this his approach to domestic issues? 31 reviews since becoming PM according to that chap at Bloomberg

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem here is that the Tories wanted EU Enlargement big time, as it would help scupper the Franco-German power base. Many Eurosceptics also hoped it would pour sand into the workings of the EU,and bring the engine of federalism to a slow but grinding halt.

Unfortunately this threat was seen by the EU, and made it absolutely clear that there was no way the juggernaut towards a super-state was slowing down for anyone, and plans for the EU constitution and sweeping away of national vetoes and democracy began.

We have now signed off on the fruition of that, and are back into another cycle of expansion by bringing in a load of pseudo-commie states who will soon be outvoting us on health/industrial/foreign policy. Isn't democracy wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Yes Iain and that erosion is NOW complete.

If we had another Hitler rise to power in Europe. What would we want to fight him now for?

We did not fight and die in our millions just to save a few more million Jews.

There was almost as much propaganda inspired hatred of ordinary poor Jewish people in Briton and America during the 30s as there was in Nazi Germany.

So what other essential liberties would we sacrifice a generation of young people for now, that have not already been conned out of us?

Obvious answer is, NONE whatsoever.

Which is partly the point of the EU. Its not only to avoid deliberately having to have inter European wars to cement the power of money and the establishment.

It is to deliberately create the conditions for a later day unelected unaccountable European dictator to come to absolute power.

In short the complete end of effective national and pan-national democratic accountability for the ordinary individual citizen.

Which is why DC has brought in the Localist ideology. Which is classic NWO Liberal politics.

It will soon be about the only game in town and Cameron knows it.

Cameron has every chance of not only becoming the next PM of the UK. He will most likely be the LAST.

Little Black Sambo said...

Some idiot in a related thread (I forget which one) said that "Europe" had "given us" 50 years of peace, an "amazing achievement".

Can he (I forget his name) adduce any evidence whatever for this - on the face of it - lunatic assertion?

Tim Hedges said...

Your previous post about Britain's contributions and now this would be fine if they weren't from someone who supports the Conservative Party. I left the Party some years ago over their insistence on staying in the EU (the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, something they knew to be untrue) and I invite you, Ian, to do the same, or at least resign from the candidates' list.

Unknown said...

RE: "Gap year Foreign Secretary"

What is it with these Tory jibes about Milliband's age?

He's 42 years old - his opposite number William Hague is 46, have those extra four years of life made all the difference?

Plus Hague was - IIRC - around 36 when he became Tory leader and still sub-40 when he ran for PM in a general election.

So the Tories believe 39-years-old is a suitable age to occupy the highest office in the land, but 43 isn't old enough for Foreign Secretary?

PS: Cameron is 41. Milliband is 42.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it won't be happening for three years? No problem: I will have emigrated by then...