Friday, December 14, 2007

They Come in Threes (LibDem Version)

Tonight's South Wales Echo has a report in which former Lib Dem Assembly and parliamentary candidate (Vale of Glamorgan) Mark Hooper has announced his resignation from the party after its failure to declare a local supporter's £2,000 donation in October 2006, despite his many warnings that it must do so. As well as resigning from the party he has reported them to the Electoral Commission requesting an investigation. The really good bit, however, is the following statement...
Officers of the Welsh party attempted to persuade me that any reporting of non compliance could have political consequences for the party and may potentially be seen as a disciplinary offence. I have become concerned that the party would rather cover up the issue than deal with it. As a result of this unwarranted pressure, I have resigned from the party in order that I can write to you requesting an investigation. I have no confidence that the party is prepared to bring the regional finances into compliance. Their concerns regarding the potential adverse publicity, given recent press coverage, seems to outweigh the requirement for compliance.

Oh dear.

Meanwhile, sleazebusting LibDem MP Norman Baker has been reprimanded by the Standards & Privileges Committee for misuing his allowances. See the report HERE. It concludes: "We agree with the Commissioner that this element of Mr Donovan's complaint should be upheld, and we reiterate that the inclusion of material of a party political nature is not permissible in publications funded from parliamentary allowances." Many MPs (including some of his colleagues) will say it couldn't happen to a nicer man.

Malcolm Bruce was also found guilty of using his allowance for party political purposes and ordered to repay £500. Labour MP Sadiq Khan was also found guilty of a simialr request and ordered to repay £500.


Alex said...

Did I understand that LibDem report? It is better to break the law and keep quiet about it than to risk adverse political consequences from telling the truth?

And these people aspire to running the country? Well, no, it's only the Lib dems.

neil craig said...

The odd donation for which the paperworkm is not properly done doesn't, when clearly accidental, excite me as much as some. However by threatening him with political consequence if he should report a breach of the law some party officials seem to me to have been deliberately threatening somebody in an attempt to pervert the course of justice. That is a very serious crime bnormally resulting in jail.

Hazel Bridges said...

Oh dear, seems like they're all at it!

However threatening someone with disciplinery action for obeying the law of the land is certainly bad news. They should be ashamed of themselves but knowing most politicians they will even now be polishing up their excuses.

Anonymous said...

Someone should check out Malcolm Bruce's allowances to see if he used it to pay for his website.

He was using it as a campaign website for the former LibDem MSP Nora Radcliffe.

Jon said...

Mr Hooper is clearly not of sound mind. He needs treatment, and fast, if he is to get to grips with the Zeitgeist.

Anonymous said...

Shocking. Has politics always been this corrupt?

Anonymous said...

A bit OT Iain...,

there are reports of labour needing the tories help to nationalize northern rock

my suggested price for this help - alasdair darlings head

frankly he only does what g.brown approves so not much loss

Anonymous said...

Great to see the United States finally bowing their heads, and their knees to the United Nations in Bali.

That should please Verity hugely..

Yay !!

neil craig said...

Mous what planet are you on? The meeting came away with diplomatic platitudes but no concrete agreement to do anything except for them all to come back on another freebie to some warm place soon.

In terms of the EU's intent to nag the US into bowing it was a 100% failure that even the BBC will have difficulty reporting positively. Though being legally committed to telling the truth I'm sure they will try to spin it.