Thursday, December 13, 2007

Your Favourite World Leaders - The Lucky Thirteen

In my latest readers' survey I asked you to rate thirteen different world leaders from 1 to 10. Here are the results.

5.91 Nicholas Sarkozy
5.40 Angela Merkel
5.20 Bertie Ahern
5.05 Stephen Harper
4.87 Manmohan Singh
4.44 Helen Clark
4.12 Ehud Olmert
4.07 Kevin Rudd
3.69 George W Bush
3.53 Vladimir Putin
3.29 Romano Prodi
2.84 Pervez Musharraf
2.79 Thabo Mbeki

I'll be posting other results from the survey during the course of the evening.


Anonymous said...

I didn't understand why you didn't have the Singaporean PM in the list. Singapore may be a tiny country, but it is immeasurably influential in SE Asia - and in China. Lee Hsien Loong definitely merits a place on a list that includes Prodi for God's sake.

Anonymous said...

motley crew that they are...

Anonymous said...

Did Gordo rate 0.0 ????

Yak40 said...

How can Rudd be rated, he was only elected a week or so ago ?

Anonymous said...

I'm Glad Bertie is up there. Personally he's been involved in quite a bit of controversy over his finances, with money being squared away in the account of his long term partner Celia Larkin. And over property and his involvement with a manchester property owner. I think he's a rogue, but a likeable one, though the Republic of Ireland is rapidly deteroriating from the celtic tiger economy.
At least he will put the european treaty to the people,something Broon won't do. Ireland is the only country to do so.
He also kept Sinn Fein in check by claiming back republicanism, and Fianna Fail did their utmost to stop the rise of Sinn Fein in the 26 counties. They will try it now north of the border with Fianna Fail registered now as a party in N Ireland. They did say they would only seek seats in the NI assembly and not Westminister, but can you imagine the scenario if they did???

The ruling party in Dublin having seats in Westminister - particularly if there were ever to be a hung parliament. The mind boggles.

For those reasons Bertie was my number one choice.

Anonymous said...

Agree yak40.

I guess Mr.Rudd voted early and often.

Anonymous said...

Helen Clark is the PM of New Zealand.

An aussie comic got a good laugh when he pointed out that the PM has a girl's name. (Hint: look at a photo)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ian would you like to swap Helen for something?

Old tissue, lest weeks food wrapper and shes all yours mate.

Anonymous said...

Helen Clark is the worst..."0.0"

If the poll was done one year from now i bet Obama would score 9.99!!