Sunday, December 30, 2007

404,000 Individuals Visited This Blog in 2007

This year this blog has received 2,582,000 unique visitors (2006 1,279,000) and 4,554,000 page impressions. Google Analytics reports that 404,000 absolute unique visitors came to the site in 2007 - yes, that's 404,000 individuals who came here at least once. That's double the circulation of the The Independent!

I've posted 2,330 posts this year, an average of 6.38 a day. Sad, or just prolific?!

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers who linked to me during 2007. This is the list of everyone who has sent more than 2,000 people my way this year.

1. Guido Fawkes 133,244, 2. ConservativeHome 82,273 3. 47,135 4. Biased BBC 11,475 5. National Review Corner 9,923 6. Daniel Finkelstein 7,596 7. Dizzy Thinks 6,962 8. An Englishman's Castle 5,735 9. Paul Linford 5,720 10. Witanagemot 5,220 11. 5,220 12. Blairwatch 4,958 13. Spectator Coffee House 4,720 14. Croydonian 4.183 15. Mikey's Tent 3,461 16. Slugger O'Toole 3,391 17. Daily Referendum 3,308 18. Liberal England 3,212 19. Bloggerheads 3,316 20. Archbishop Cranmer 2,999 21. Ginger & Dynamite 2,919 22. Newmania 2,693 23. Recess Monkey 2,637 24. Luke Akehurst 2,636 25. UK Polling Report 2,585 26. Adam Smith 2,497 27. Little Green Footballs 2,356 28. A Conservative's Blog 2,331 29. EU Referendum 2,309 30. Public Interest 2,286

UPDATE: In comments, Fred has asked me to define unique visitors etc. I use Extreme Tracking to count my visitors. If you visit my blog once a day every month you count as 30 unique visitors for that month. If you visit three times every day for a month you still count as 30 unique visitors. But on Google Analytics you count as 1 absolute unique visitor for that month. I think that is the most useful comparative statistic to compare with newspaper readership. I hope that is clear!


Anonymous said...

Iain could you give a bloggers definition of a-
unique visitor.
page impression.
absolute unique visitor.

Anonymous said...

All credit to you - well done! You may not (yet) be the voice of Conservative Britain but you are certainly saying things that people are interested in.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Iain, this is very heartening for you. Your blog is deservedly immensely popular and your posters are loyal to the blog and to you personally.

There are no counter bloggers on the left carrying anything like the same weight. (This wasn't a personal remark.)

When are we getting a new banner?

Iain Dale said...

vderity (or is that verity?!)

Thanks. The new site design is coming along nicely and all being well will be ready for implementation in mid Jan.

Anonymous said...

Dizzy, there is no way on this planet that you can possibly claim to have "404,000 Individuals".

Much as I like your blog your claim is complete bollocks.

You know what I am talking about.

Iain Dale said...

First of all, I'm not Dizzy, and second of all I am only telling you what Google Analytics tells me. I'll put up a screenshot to prove it.

Steve_Roberts said...

Well done, Ian. This blog (together with your work on 18 DS) makes 2007 a year of huge achievement by you. Have a good and productive 2008 !

Newmania said...

I `m doing OK for an ordinary Joe I think. Well done me !

Anonymous said...

It was indeed Verity, Iain. I mistyped myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iain

Just wanted to say, as we neter the new year, I love your site and I'm quite a fan of your writing.

Keep up the good work.

Hope you don't mind, I linked your site to my blogroll on my wordpress blog. I can't say I've sent 2,000 people your way. I can't say I've sent 2 people your way! But never mind.

Here's to '08 and all the best, on behalf of myself and Mr Boatang.

John Demetriou

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the number of hits you get is high for the blog sector but I'm not sure you can compare it to the circulation of a newspaper.

As I'm sure you're aware, a newspaper's circulation is the average number of copies circulated every day while your stat is over a whole year!

Not only that you use The Independent which has one of the lowest circulations!

Lies, damn lies and all that!

Good work on the blog though :)

Anonymous said...

John Demetriou and Mr Boateng are trolls on Peter Hitchens' site over on the Daily Mail. "They" are one personality and they are like fleas or ticks. Little socialist, manipulative attempted bloodsuckers.

Anonymous said...

I log on at home and at work. So I count as two. It's still a phenomenal effort, mind.

Anonymous said...

Iain, to get a bit technical on you, the assumption that Google counts a single person as 1 visitor isn't quite correct. Google tracks it based on IP address, which is like your internet identity card, but most internet companies give you a new identity each time you connect to the internet. This means one visitor can be counted by google multiple times, as each time they reconnect to the internet it thinks they are a new person.

Anonymous said...

Iain - great site but I'd research a little more about dynamic IP addresses before making visitor claims. Having worked in digital media for several years back, you really need to get an independent audit of the IP addresses to de dupe

Anonymous said...

"I think that is the most useful comparative statistic to compare with newspaper readership."

No Iain, the most useful comparative is the average number of unique users per day. Else you would add up anyone who has ever bought the Independent in the course of a year. I even did that once.

Anonymous said...

The simplest thing to do is just to take the mean of your *daily* uniques totals. That will give you a much more accurate idea of the number of *real* people who visit your blog.

Everything else involves counting people multiple times.

Would you mind sharing that info Iain? I'm guessing 10,000? Still, impressive imho but it helps give a true to compare to trad media which messagespace very inaccurately churns out to drum up business etc.

And Happy New Year of course. :-)

Iain Dale said...

Chad, you're right, normal weekdays range from 9-13,000 uniques usually. I think 17,000 has been the highest in any one day. Weekend days are 4-8,000 uniques.

Chris Paul said...

Ha ha ha. The comical Indie - have almost as many unique readers on any given day as you have in a whole year? About 100 times as many unique readers as you have on a given day? (or 30x depending how you count) And you're claiming equivalence?? With your tongue firmly in your cheek let's hope. But well done ... Chris Paul (250 unique readers, all time)

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 1.53

most internet companies give you a new identity each time you connect to the internet.

Indeed but if you have broadband the IP address is static so broadband users don't get a new one every time they log on.

Anonymous said...


Verity - where have I seen this name before.

I certainly don't want to hijack this thread with a flame war about Hitchens's bloody blog. So I'll leave it at this. We are not trolls, we are not socialists and I object to the nasty and pernicious use of language you use, Verity, in calling us ticks and fleas. This is no way to refer to a human.

Our site shows we are not mindless trolls but two people with various random yet valid views.

Leave the nastiness and smears alone, unless you are hoping to win a column in the Mail, in which case, nurture the appropriate skills and best of luck.

weggis said...

1. Do those stats include people like me who browse this stuff on an RSS feed? Possibly an unknown audience, but who for? You Iain? Or you commenters?

2. Is Alex Hilton the same as the ex councillor here in Redbridge? And who was transferred from the local comp to the Grammar and promptly back again, when he was at school with my son?

Penny Pincher said...

All this chat about how to count 'readers/visitors' on one's blog is very intersting. I am a very small fry in the blogosphere and am struggling to learn all the techie bits associated with blogging etc.

What I have found amazing as I surf the blogs is how many people have a sitemeter that isn't kept private for their eyes only. I've often had chance to nosey around their stats information pages.

From this I therefore assume that many bloggers also fail to request [or to check] whether the site counter they place on their blog has the facility for a cookie to be placed on their PC to 'hide' their own visits to their blog[s].

When I was a 'blog virgin' I was at times amazed that some rather dull blogs appeared to have a high number of visitors recorded. But I am slowly becoming wiser and more savvy!

Peter from Putney said...

But on Google Analytics you count as 1 absolute unique visitor for that month. I think that is the most useful comparative statistic to compare with newspaper readership.

So that's equivalent isn't it to an Independent reader buying the newspaper only 6.4 times during the whole of 2007 - doesn't sound so impressive put that way does it?
I used to visit this site several times a day - it used to be in my top 5 blogs but sadly no longer - far, far, too many self-serving league tables - which, come to think of it, this thread is just another yawn-provoking example.

Matt Wardman said...

Congratulations on the numbers, the coverage and the consistency.

Ultimately istm that the way to nail these debates down will be for popular bloggers to start using the same ABCe Audit service as used by all the newspapers websites.

That will probably require them to create a low-cost product (I suspect).

It still won't give the figures for "people" rather than "ip addresses" (only registration sites get that, and only then if visitors don't share accounts), and it may still by obfuscated by:

* people who turn off Javascript
* sites that display copies of your page without people having to visit you site (e.g., Google cache and corporate networks with their own cache services).

But it will still give figures comparable with the newspapers.

Matt Wardman

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be better to compare your site to a free paper? After all, the Indie circulation is for copies sold, not the amount of people that have picked it up, looked at the front page and put it down again.
Sort out you day/month/year figures and then get people to pay to visit your site, and then see how you compare against a low circulation paper.

Oh, happy new year.