Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Tim Worstall disagrees with me on MPs' Pay. Totally. Utterly - and wrongly.
2. Paul Linford treats us to his review of 2007.
3. John Rentoul reckons Norman Baker's a fruitcake. Hard to disagree
4. Andrea Leadsom asks: what's the point of petitions?
5. EU Referendum agrees with European politician. Shock, horror. It's about helicopters & Chad
6. Norfolk Blogger reckons Cleggy shouldn't tinker with education policy
7. Burning our Money on our one true instrument of civilisation
8. Red State has a roundup of the US Sunday political talk shows
9. Dan Hannan asks which country will be first to leave the Euro
10. Tony Sharp is bored by Tony Blair's journey to Rome
11. Fraser Nelson wonders why we care so much about foxes but so little about cold pensioners
12. Political Betting is getting moist about the US Primaries


nullo said...


ins't it time for you too to get down on the US elections? pleasssse ;-)

Anonymous said...

I too am b-o-r-e-d by Blair's supposed conversion to Rome - or is it just a ploy to stay in the news now that his name evokes loud, dismissive yawns.

This is the little pile of sh!t who voted for ever-later terminations of inconvenient pregnancies and voted for stem cell research. I said somewhere else that perhaps he can work with His Holiness on "inclusivity" by including readings from the koran in cathedrals. And perhaps put a burqa on statues of the Virgin Mary in case depictions of her hair offend those of "other faiths" (we know which one).

He's such a faker. Such a phony. Does a single person in the British Isles believe this shyster has genuinely converted to Rome? Or is it just another career opportunity?

Either way, with the councillor who did a good blog on it, I really, really, really don't care about the state of Tony Blair's soul. Why did he even announce it if he weren't grandstanding?

Anonymous said...

Baker isn't a fruitcake, he's just got them rattled.

Anonymous said...

I'd believe in the sincerity of this conversion only if he agreed to be nailed publicly to a cross.

If it would help, I'd be happy to bang in the nails.

Anonymous said...

verity said...
"I too am b-o-r-e-d by Blair's supposed conversion to Rome - or is it just a ploy to stay in the news now that his name evokes loud, dismissive yawns."

Tony Blair didn't announce it. The news was leaked by the Catholic church authorities

Anonymous said...


The real reason for Tony Blair's conversion to the Church of Rome was covered on my good friend Dr Hemlock's blog in November.

Tony Blair announces 'I will be the next Pope'

While I am here, may I recommend to Iain's readers that they follow the story I am posting on Hemlock's blog over the Christmas holiday.
It's called A Christmas Carol

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chuck, but I seldom follow links, especially those with childish titles.

11:41 - He had been spinning teasers for two bloody years. Who gave a crap then and who gives a crap now? What about all those quarter of a million aborted babies whose deaths were enabled by the legislation he jammed through? And he loves brain stem research (which has already been overtaken in any case and is heading for the obsolescence bin).

He's an ex-PM, yesterday's boy, who caused immeasurable damage to our country and our ancient freedoms. Who the hell gives a monkey crap about the state of his soul?

Sgt Rock said...

Baker is certainly NOT a fruitcake!

Thomas said...

I've just done a quick fisk of Tim Worstall's posting on MPs salaries. I think his basic starting position is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Re: Political Betting

""Let's go change the world," Obama says. And it sounds as if he means it.

I really hope Obama wins.