Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nick Clegg Feeds My Dog

One or two people have asked why I have a banner ad which advertises Nick Clegg and the LibDems. I did think about whether to take this one, but in the end I decided that if the LibDems wish to cross my palm with silver, who am I to argue? Got to keep Gio in dog biscuits, eh? Apropos of nothing, Gio celebrated his tenth birthday yesterday. Just thought you'd like to know.


Newmania said...

You can do whatever you like Iain however Norman baker cannot , not with tax payers money...just love it when self righteous Miss Marple comes unstuck
"The Standards Committee On Norman Baker ,
“In December 2007 his parliamentary sleazebusting reputation was destroyed when the Standards & Privileges Committee found him guilty of misuing tax-payers money. The Standards & Privileges Committee report concluded: "We agree with the Commissioner that this element of Mr Donovan's complaint should be upheld, and we reiterate that the inclusion of material of a party political nature is not permissible in publications funded from parliamentary allowances."

He he he ....and Huhne has not forgiven him for exposing his intergalactic travel claims .

Laurence Boyce said...

Happy birthday Gio! xxx

Sea Shanty Irish said...

Love me, love my dog.

Kick my dog, and you kick me.

Very apt for an aspiring parliamentarian AND his faithful canine companion.

My very best regards to the "Hellhound o' the Weald". (Remark's directed at yer mutt, Iain, not you.) Way to go, Gio!

Do hope you're NOT training to him to take a bite out of Lab, Lib or even UKIP canvassers. (Doubtful if veggies tickle his doggie tastebuds, so the Greenies should be safe.)

BUT it was Winston Churchill himself who famously said (I think) that every dog deserves one bite.

Perhaps the BNP? Or maybe Mebyon Kernow if they begin pressing Cornwall's ancient claim to the wild west o' Kent? Am sure Gio wishes to contribute to your campaign any way he can - good doggie!

Anonymous said...

But woud you let Gordon Brown take him walkies? Would you let the BNP buy him a diamante collar? Where do you draw the line?

Anonymous said...

More about the BBC than the LibDems really, but - I'm currently in India on business and was amazed to see that the LEAD story on BBC World was Clegg's victory. So the BBC thinks that the most important news story in the world last night was someone no-one out here has ever heard of winning the leadership election for a minority party they've never heard of in a country that they'll probably never visit.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Gio!

Hazel Bridges said...

Happy Birthday Gio, make sure Iain keeps you in the style with his dodgy adverts!

Anonymous said...

Quite an appropriate picture really as the liberals are always voting for the underdog!

Helen said...

Happy Birthday, Gio. My, how time flies. I recall him as but a puppy in the bookshop.

Manfarang said...

Dog biscuits?I would have thought you gave him gourmet Chunky Meat dog food.Don't you remember Henry the bloodhound?