Friday, December 21, 2007

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Iain Martin on Three Line Whip reckons he knows why women are turned off by Gordon Brown. Iain mate. It's not just women...
2. Dizzy thinks those Labour MPs are a plottin'. Surely not.
3. Robin Lustig makes his predictions for 2008. Brave man.
4. Cicero's Songs reckons Gordon Brown and Richard Nixon have a lot in common. Y'don't say.
5. Quaequam urges me not to sell my soul. Depends who's bidding and how much.
6. Big Girl's Blouse Shane Greer reckons he's being threatened by a Vicar.
7. John Redwood has sent his Christmas wishlist to Santa.
8. Peter Diapre on Boulton Co reckons Alan Milburn is set to return. Just when we thought it was safe.
9. PoliticalBetting has the latest Guardian/ICM Poll with bad news for Calamity Clegg.
10. Our Kingdom has some wonderful examples of ridiculous signeage.
11. Devil's Kitchen plays Fantasy father Christmas - and it ain't for the faint-hearted. Be warned.
12. Richard Spring MP on when betty Boothroyd asked him to go solo.


Anonymous said...

bad news for clegg??????

I think it was the Tories and Lib Dems that did badly (tories 2 points worse) and then the post said that you couldnt take in to account Clegg being the new leader...

Interesting spin Iain...

Anonymous said...

With respect to Iain Martin and his wife, I believe he is wrong. Women dislike Brown for many reasons. Let me count the ways:

1. He is not man enough to take responsibility for anything.

2. He is not man enough to sack people who are harming the government (which is fine by me and long may he continue to let the harm-doers slither around the corridors of power hissing quietly). He daren't even sack Harriet Harman who is so eminently sackable, my cat could have sacked her in between bites of his crunchies. And he is a French cat.

3. Brown's performance in the HoC is timid, defensive, unleaderlike, and reeks of injured entitlement.

4. He oversees a government based on bossiness and a determination to destroy our country and our people and he makes up lies to answer this charge.

5. He signed the dog crap of the EU constitution without the referendum that had been promised by the Labour Party. He cannot even honour his own party's commitments, yet he hasn't been elected in his own right.

6. His home life seems a bit ... odd.

7. He's touchy, which is immature.