Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When LibDem Voice Missed Its Chance

LibDem Voice should have been in its element today. But it hasn't posted anything since the result 2.39pm and a Clegg Youtube video. Aren't our yellow friends happy? Are they all getting hammered down the pub? Where's the analysis, where's the agenda for the future? This is why ConservativeHome is still streets ahead of its competition.


Anonymous said...

Every time anyone disagrees with the humourless LibDhimms or gently takes the piss out of them, they block access.

I suspect that the mockery level is now so high, after the Menses Campbell fiasco and their exposure by Cable's storming performance as a bunch of ageist bigots, that they spend all their time censoring comments which challenge their views rather than writing any new posts.

Stephen Tall said...

Hmm, leaving aside the above improbably named poster, there have been 73 leadership blog postings on www.libdemblogs.co.uk since 2.30 pm. Is that not enough, Iain? Not to mention the 7 articles on Lib Dem Voice today? Quality / quantity...? You decide.

Paul Walter said...

As you would expect for a party that really believes in decentralisation (rather than just waffles about it) there were actually 73 - count them - 73 blogs posted on www.libdemblogs.co.uk including two Live Blogs of the announcement.

Anonymous said...

Stalin, that's hilarious. No it really is. Really really.

Poor Tories!!